14 Hours of Sleep and a Grande Americano

14 Hours of Sleep and a Grande Americano

I have been running so hard lately at work that I feel I am behind on ‘life’.   I have email inboxes overflowing, film and images backing up to process, and blog posts going unwritten.   Now it is Sunday morning after a nice 14 hour night of sleep and a piping hot Grande Americano I am ready for some digital image processing, filming scanning, blogging, and catching up on my thoughts while listening to some music.

Like many people I go to Starbucks a few times a day to fuel my day.   I always drink the same thing – Grande Americano with a splash of skim milk.    Look at the calories differences based on the choice you make.  I am not the world’s most fit person but I take a ‘offsetting’ approach to manging my weight.  If I skip ‘x’ I can eat ‘y’ because at the end of the day I have a maximum of ‘z’ that I can intake.

As a good friend told me ‘move more eat less’ so if you want to increase ‘z’ more.   I dropped 15 kilos (35 pounds) a bunch of years ago and this methodology has helped me keep it off.   There is no secret to losing weight.  It is just basic math.   I always think of these trade offs when I am ordering.


Tomorrow morning I get to go to the Tokyo Immigration Office.   You may remember my trip there back in June.   It took  about 2 times longer than I expected.  They told me I would get a post card in the mail telling me to come back.   I did about 2 times longer than they said.  Lets see how much of my life this stucks up tomorrow.  The good news it is a completely different route than I usually travel so it gives me some great opportunities for photography. From my last trip…and yes these numbers were being called in order.

Tokyo Immigration Office

The great news is my friend Chris Handley from Hong Kong is coming to Tokyo and we will go shooting and go to dinner tomorrow.   I haven’t seen Chris since we went for a 6 hour walk across Hong Kong when I was there at the end of May.   I find Chris a very fascinating person to speak with and I am looking forwarding to a full day of shooting tomorrow between my trip to Immigration Office and my evening with Chris. I love the movie posters in Japan.  You don’t even need to know what they say.  They are entertaining by themselves.

Roppoingi Station

I love that I live in Tokyo.   I love shooting in the subways.  I could just ride them all day and find plenty of subject matter to shoot.

Roppoingi Station

Roppoingi Station

I have been getting some great images of Mt Fuji from my new office…  I can’t wait to see snow covered Fuji-san this winter!

A view of Mt Fuji from Tokyo, Japan

A view of Mt Fuji from Tokyo, Japan

I can see my old office out my window…off in the distance past my helicopter pad.

Shinjuku, Tokyo, Japan

Nakameguro Station

On the train

Wait here

I love this poster…to prevent people from falling on the tracks they installing these automatic doors.   Apparently giant teddy bears, silly hairdos, high heels and being ‘bitched slapped’ by your girlfriend are the leading causes.

Metro Action

daily fuel….

Starbucks Grande Americano

I have been listening to a lot of rock lately.   My company has hired the Red Hot Chili Peppers to play an upcoming conference in San Francisco.   Aside from brushing up on my RHCP I am listening to Staind and Metallica’s S&M.  Both of them are incredible albums.  I’ll be going to San Francisco from September 11th-22nd.  I am going to try to schedule a few photowalks so be on the lookout!


Roppongi Hills

Roppongi Hills

Amazing 100 people rode their bikes to this store…well not exactly.  A long post coming on the bike parking situation in Tokyo.   Another area I am quickly becoming the ‘World’s forecast authority…

Bike Parking in Tokyo

Jiyugaoka Station

I love when the ‘sign guy’ at a building is given complete authority and goes ‘unchecked’…

Car Parking in Tokyo

It typically results in an amazing number of signs, instructions, and more than enough information to ensure you car parking experience is complete.

Car Parking in Tokyo

Stand Here

Shopping in Kimonos

No Smoking Please

Roppongi Hills in Tokyo, Japan

Check out this great shot my friend John Hall took of this lovely lady wearing one of my shirts.

ShootTokyo T-Shirts

I’m off to shoot the Jiyugaoka Matsuri Festival…and then tackle my overflowing inbox.   Thanks for stopping by today…


  • http://www.flickr.com/charleskoh charles KOH

    Hey Dave ! Great to see you back with updates :) i hope you are settled now !! great view of Mt Fuji from your office !!

  • Moe

    Thanks for the info on Starbucks. I’ve gotta keep counting those calories…As always your pics and texts are amazing, love everything you do…Have a great trip to San Francisco.

  • http://gaijincamera.com Les Taylor

    The poster! I’ve seen it and meant to take a photo myself. I’m definitely paranoid now about huge hair and the violent tendencies of females.

    Sometime we’ll have to meet for some coffee and photography. I’m still not used to street photography to be honest. It makes me a bit nervous. I could use your expertise!

  • Ibrahim Gurel

    Hi Dave,

    I find it great what you are sharing with us. Real life, as all of us experience just in a different location. That makes your blog unique. (I am living in Germany now, after 10 years in Canada)

    By the way, as a coffee addict, I’ve never thought of calories in it =)

    Waiting for your next post…


  • Chris Handley

    Hi Dave, good to see you, as always a very entertaining time spent together – back soon!

  • Jola

    Hi, I was looking for information about coffee :-) Really liked Your pictures. Thanks for the few intersting thoughts and moments.

  • http://www.shoottokyo.com Dave

    Glad you found it Jola… Let me guess you Google for Grande Americano?

  • http://iamjenxi.com Jen Xi

    I thought the big hairdo is out of fashion! Hahaha… You get a case of a sign designer getting out of control and a signage guy doing the same. Maybe they both had too much coffee 😉

  • http://www.shoottokyo.com Dave

    It was great to see you again Chris. Gald you will be traveling to Japan more often!

  • http://www.shoottokyo.com Dave

    Charles – Yes! I have been a bit swapped but that’s a poor excuse.

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