A Photowalk for Film Shooters

A Photowalk for Film Shooters

I have not held a photowalk in Tokyo for a long time and I think it is time for another one.   I will be co-hosting a Photowalk for Film Shooters only with my friend Robert Eckelmann so leave your megapixles at home and come and join us for an analog day of photowalking….If you haven’t been on a photowalk before it is a great opportunity to get out and socialize with like minded people.    If you an experienced photographer you can share what you know.  If you are just learning, then there will be lots of people to learn from.   Film Photographers of all levels are welcome.

When:  Sunday August 5th

Time: 2PM

Where: Nishi-Nippori Station

Gear: Pack whatever you are comfortable shooting with. Remember, the more gear you carry the less photographs you actually take. We will be walking so don’t pack too heavy. I’ll be shooting my Leica M6-J with a 50mm f/2.8 lens and a lot of black and white TMAX film.

photo credit: Trapsocks


Robert and I were speaking on where to hold the photowalk.  As we are shooting film we wanted to find an area with an ‘old’ feeling to it.  He suggested we explore Nippori and since I haven’t been before I was excited to find a new area to explore.   I found a great guide that explains a lot about the area.   I’ll summarize – old, lots of temples and small winding streets.   We will make our way from Nishi-Nippori heading towards Ueno stopping off at Yanaka Market, Suwa Shrine, Suwa Shrine, Joko-ji Temple, Kyoo-ji Temple, Nioman Gate, Yanaka Cemetery, Tennoji Temple, Zensho-en Temple and finally the Golden Statue.   We will walk until we get tired and then we will stop off for drinks and a bit to eat.

Robert and I will be sponsoring a contest and giving away some free rolls of film for the winners; oldest camera, biggest camera, smallest camera, youngest film shooter, and oldest film shooter.

I recently held a photowalks in Sydney and San Francisco with a great turn out.   You can check out past photowalks of mine in TokyoBeijingSingaporeHong Kong and two in Boston last year and this year.   If you have not been on one they are a ton of fun and you should give it a try.

If you are interested in joining please leave a comment below so I have your email address as I will be sending out some email updates as we get closer.   If you are bringing people, please make sure to mention how many.

Since this is an ‘analog’ event I even made some post cards that I am leaving at a few of my favorite local camera shops to promote the event.

Film Photowalk

FAQs – Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: I don’t own a film camera, can I use my digital camera instead?

A: No

Thanks for stopping by today.  I hope you will be joining us…


  • Sally Lee

    Hello, I read your article on G+ and I thought film camera photowalk is really great idea! I love film cameras but these days It’s hard to find film camera users like you guys. I’ll bring old Asahi pentax SP and Lomo LC-A+. Can I be in your photowalk? Your route sounds really nice too.

  • Jeremy

    I’d love to join. Lucky for me I just had both my film bodies shipped over from the US.

  • Stefan Speidel

    pity I don’t have a camera to shoot film – sounds like a great area and a great idea. Next time :)

  • http://www.shoottokyo.com Dave

    Stefan – Still time to pick up an M3, M6, or an MP before Saturday… We can show you how to use it.

  • Masa

    Sounds great. I’ll go with my M4.

  • Anthony Nicaud

    Great! This is my neighborhood! Looking forward to this photo walk!

  • mtan

    damn, won’t be able to make it. Soonest I’ll be in Tokyo is the 15th

  • Pieter

    Hi Dave, count me in and will bring along something to snap with :-)

  • http://www.runacres.com David Runacres

    Just moved to Tokyo from Hong Kong with a bevy of film cameras and lenses. Would love to join….


  • http://translucentmirror.com Adrian Lee

    Hi Dave,

    would love to join you but have another commitment on that day. Will let you know if the plan changes. I think a “filmwalk” is a great idea!

  • http://www.mindthemix.com Federico

    I would love to bring my Rolleicord to this great photo-walk but I’m in Miami! Next life aI guess. Anyway, Thanks Dave for the invite.

  • Masa

    This is a Japanese HP but gives an information, I think.

  • Sally Lee

    Hello, Dave. I am very interested in this event and willing to join, but can I just show up at nishinippori station tomorrow? I am totally new to this event, so I can’t contact anyone if I’m lost or something. I am wondering if you could give me some information to my e-mail.

    I’m longing to shoot, see you tomorrow :)

  • Len Lea

    Wish I could make it. I might have a shot at oldest camera, my first, Kodak Junior 1, bought in England in 1954ish. Just found film that had been in the camera for 40 plus years and rescued one image!! Now I have to remember where it was shot!
    Have a great walk

  • http://www.flickr.com/photos/clintonintokyo/ Clinton

    Hi Dave, I’d like to join.

  • http://www.shoottokyo.com Dave

    Clinton – It will be nice to finally meet you.

    Len – Wish you were making it.

    Sally – You can just show up. I’ll send you my mobile # call me if you get lost.

  • http://www.shoottokyo.com Dave

    Thanks for sharing Masa. Look forward to seeing you tomorrow.

  • http://www.shoottokyo.com Dave

    Thanks Adrian… Wish you were making it.

  • http://www.shoottokyo.com Dave

    Looking forward to seeing you tomorrow David… Great blog by the way: http://www.runacres.com

  • http://www.shoottokyo.com Dave

    Welcome to the walk Anthony. Looking forward to seeing you again Jeremy.

    Stefan – You need to pick up a film camera…

  • Thomas

    hey dave, I’m interested in joining.

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