An afternoon walk around Yanaka

An afternoon walk around Yanaka

I have been studying my Japanese very hard for the past few months and I am very happy that I am seeing improvements.  Before I use to just try to plow through chapters as fast as I could but I have slowed way down and I am spending lots of time writing in Japanese.   This forces me to think in Japanese and I think it is really what is helping me to improve.  If you are studying Japanese I suggest you give it a try.

I got my film back from the lab from my Film Shooters Photowalk a few weeks ago.   It takes me a lot longer to process my film images with scanning, cleaning up dust, etc but I really love the look of the images.  I think all of the work leaves me much more satisfied with the images.

We all met at Nishi Nippori Station for our Photowalk.

I love Tokyo Taxis…

6月から、日本語をいっしょうけんめいべんきょうしています。まいにち日本語をかきます。かくときに、日本語でかんがえるから日本語がじょうずになります。日本語べんきょうする人はトライしてください。 いいとおもいます。




Tokyo Taxi


I liked this doctor’s office sign.  I think the message is everything hurts.


Doctor's Office

Me in the mirror…


Me in the mirror

Cute little Nana-chan… My favorite photowalker of the day.



…and my buddy Pieter.


Pieter Franken

Fire Station…scary.  I hope it isn’t a ‘6 bucket’ fire.


Fire Department

Shiny mailbox…



Japanese Shop

Me in the mirror


The one thing I love about Japan is all of the subject matter.  These two beautiful women were just walking down the street but were kind enough to stop and pose for us…

日本がすきです。たくさん、しゃしんをとりたいものがあります。 さんぽするときに、きれいなおんなのこのしゃしんをとりました。。。やさしい人です。

Yukata Girls




Me in the mirror…again.


Me in the mirror



Japanese Statues

Leaf Shadows

Pieter Franken

Year of the Dragon…I think next year is the Year of the Snake.


Year of the Dragon


Japanese Shop

Cool Car

Meet Sally…


Sally Lee

Random stranger…  I love taking photos of strangers.  It took at while to get confident enough to slow down and take a good photo.  In NYC I took so many photos of strangers.

Street Portrait

Cool bike…


Cool Bicycle


Meet Clinton…






Ueno Park

Ueno Park


Taken by my friend David… Make sure to check out his blog.   He really knows film and is gives me lots of examples of films to try.   I have been shooting TMAX 400 for the last month so I can really learn how the film looks and feels but I think I will switch to a different film for the next month.   Here are some great examples from David below…

このしゃしんは私のともたちのデーヴィットがとりました。 デーヴィットのブログはおもしろいです。 よんでください。 デーヴィットはフィルムがよくわかるから、私におしえます。 したはデーヴィットのしゃしんです。

TMAX 400

Dave Powell of ShootTokyo

Fuji ARCOS 100

Fuji ACROS 100BW Negative from Nikon F3

I love this shot…. Fuji Astia


Fuji Astia

Fuji Natura 1600

Fuji Natura 1600 Color Negative

Fuji Provia 100

Fuji Provia 100F postive film

Kodak Ektar

Kodak Ektar 2100 from Mamiya 645

Kodak Portra

Kodak Portra 160VC Color Negative

Fuji Provia 400

Prova 400x

Fuji Velvia


Vevia 100F from Hasselblad XPAN 2

Vevia 100F from Hasselblad XPAN


What film should I shoot next?

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Thanks for stopping by today…



  • Stefan Speidel

    wonderful photos – I’ll have to think about film to be able to join next time… or are you considering allowing digital as well in the future? Looking forward to discussing this philosophical question over a beer sometime.

  • Dave

    Hey Stefan – I usually allow everyone on my walks. This one was just for film shooters so we could all focus on that. I’ll do another one in a couple of months. Let’s catch up for a beer then.

  • John

    Nice post, love the last B/W shot.

  • Jen Xi

    I really love the contrast. I gotta try shooting film with filters. Lots of great shots Dave. I like them a lot more than the M9 shots.

  • Luis Murillo

    I’ve seen several people recommend that one should only shoot one specific film for a while until one gets the hang of it, kind of like getting the hang of the gear one uses.
    As for film, personally I love the Kodak Portra line and Ilford HP5+.

  • Kevin


    Beautiful work! I love the B&W’s. There is a richness there that is hard to achieve with digital. I especially love the Dragon shot.

  • Arefti

    I love the rich tones in those black & whites. Just beautiful.

  • A.J

    Observer and big fan of photo from Dakar love what you doing…Go job Keep up the good work

  • Anna

    This is the first time I’m writing a comment here so first I would like to say: Great blog and amazing photos! I’m still an amateur when it’s comes to photography but looking at your blog inspires me and gives me great ideas. So thank you!
    Secondly, I really like that you wrote in Japanese as well in this post. Since I left Japan now (after being there for 6 months) I really need to practice my Japanese in every way that I can and reading what you wrote really helped. あなたはほんとうにじょうずですよ!ありがとう!

  • Dave

    John – The Hong Kong one? That was taken by my friend David.

  • Dave

    Jen – The Yellow Filter makes all the difference in Black and White film in my opinion.

  • Dave

    Thanks Luis. I do the same thing and only shoot a new lens or camera for a month to really learn it. It works really well for me.

  • Dave

    Kevin – I agree. The final product has a quality that just isn’t matched with digital.

  • Dave

    Thanks AJ. I think you are the first person from Dakar to leave a comment that I know. Welcome!

  • Dave

    Thanks Anna. Good luck with your continued study. 日本語をがんばれましょう!

  • Robert

    Fuji Neopan 400 is not on your list.

  • Jen Xi

    Dave, I definitely have to try it out then. I found the TMax 400 lacking in contrast, hence I shoot Tri-X more. But your photos turn out more contrasty. I’m not sure whether the lab affects the outcome as well.

  • Dave

    It is there now Robert…

  • Ben Beech

    Great stuff as usual, will try and join the next one!

  • Adrian Lee

    Hi Dave,

    Great shots. Too bad I couldn’t join you.
    If you like B&W, try Ilford. I like it but you would have to try to see if it’s to your taste.

  • Irene

    Hi Dave, love the photo walk shots. Your head must spin at the wealth of shooting opportunities around you. It’s great that you share them with us. I like the taxi driver and the narrow street scene….thanks again!

  • Mike

    Looks like everyone had a terrific time. I’ve lived in Japan a long time and photography as been my hobby just as long. However, looking at these pictures makes me feel as if I’ve never looked around before; a lot of good inspiration here! Well done to everyone involved.

  • Jean-Yves Dumont

    I really enjoy visiting your website…Nice photos, nice moments walking in Tokyo…I really love this city. About film, my favorites are Portra and Tri-X. Thx for sharing all of this…

  • Dave

    Thanks Irene. I was surprised how good the Taxi driver shot came out. I am very happy about it.

  • Dave

    That’s a big compliment Mike… Thanks!

  • Dave

    Thanks Jean-Yves – Cool photos on your blog. I like the Shinjuku Til shift photo…

  • James de Penning

    Really enjoying visiting your blog, excellent photos and great accompanying commentary bringing context to many that would otherwise just be great photos that aren’t familiar with Japan. Would love to see some shots with your Noctilux and Ilford Delta 3200. Thanks David, keep up the good work.

  • Dave

    Thanks James. I’l add some Ilford Delta 3200 to my list.

  • Shashinka Ichiban

    Some of those posts I thought I was looking at a picture of myself. (flat cap and glasses, thoguht it was a mirror)

  • Kye

    Fuji Neopan 400 is my go to film. If not that, there’s always Tri-X 400!

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