And then finally it clicks…

And then finally it clicks…

It took me a while to ‘get’ film but finally it clicks and I’m in love.  I think it just took getting the right camera, lens, filter, film to get me in the film mood.  I am very happy with this set of shots…  I am happy to see where this film journey brings me.

This is the first half of my photowalk last Monday with Stig and Masa.  I have always been shooting and posting subsequently with digital but now with film there is processing time that comes into play.  I can get color film processed within an hour but all of my monochrome film needs to be sent to the lab and takes a few days to a week depending on when I hit their schedule.

Today’s configuration:  Leica M6J, Elmar-M, TMAX 400 Film, yellow filter


My favorite Popeye Camera…  I love this shop.







On the train

On the train

On the train

Shibuya Station… I can shoot around this station for days.

Aoyama Flower Market

Nobody likes getting a ticket but when they ride up on a bicycle it just makes it worse…

Police in Shibuya


Police in Shibuya

Well if they ride up on this bike it is OK…

Police in Shibuya


Route 246 in Tokyo

Shibuya Station



Tokyo Taxi to Shinjuku

I like this slogan… ‘Cheers!’

Standing Bar in Shibuya


Shibuya Station



Shibuya Station



Then we carried on shooting and went to Odd Fellows…  Thanks for stopping by today!



  1. Hi Dave,

    really great shots and I am always all for trying out something new, especially when it comes to film. I still have to try it.

    However, I really adore your shots taken with the M9 and in my opinion the pictures taken on your last photo walk cannot compete with them. I cannot really put my finger on it but they seem more contrasty and sharp. I believe the more clean pictures of the M9 are a better fit for a high tech city such as Tokyo. I do not know…

  2. I’d love to know the address of Odd Fellows

  3. Hey Dave, I’ve been wanting to ask you for a while.. When is the best time to visit Japan? Apart from the Ohanami season when everyone seem to want to go there.

  4. I fell in love with film also

    Save it as a treat though.

    I love the way it makes you less snap happy and think more about the shot.
    Besides, I can afford a full frame camera this way :)

  5. Hazell – I like fall as well. Summer is way too hot.

  6. Marcus – I like them both, it just depends on my mood.

  7. wait until you get the medium format bug.
    I just saw a mint Mamiya 6 MF with lens today for 120,000Y and I bet I can talk him down to 100,000. Developing your own film is very easy and fast, and becomes necessary after film costs drain your savings :)

  8. Hi Dave,
    great post, love the film pics. I definitely fancy an M6 one day!

    Just got my ShootTokyo T-shirt today, thanks very much, I’ll be sporting it around London tomorrow!


  9. Have you tried Tri-X? I prefer it to TMax 400. I have yet to test out Neopan 400 and 5HP though. The labs I frequent don’t carry these two.

  10. Bob – Glad you got the shirt. Enjoy! The M6 is sweet…you should.

  11. Jen – I haven’t yet. I am trying to just shoot one type for a while until I really have a feel for it then I will switch so I hopefully can see the difference.

  12. I like your film shoots, i too got interested in film recently. Why the yellow filter ? thanks

  13. Hi Dave,

    Great shots, love the feeling of it !!
    Are you doing your own scanning ? because they look great. (which scanner do you use ?)


  14. Bruno – Thanks! I am doing my own scanning with the Epson GT-X970 (which is the 750 outside of Japan), I use Better Scanning inserts and VueScan software.

  15. Thanks very much Dave.


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