A Big American Sandwich and a Creamy 50mm Lens

A Big American Sandwich and a Creamy 50mm Lens

I walked by McDonald’s again today during lunch and noticed they are charging ahead with their ‘Big America’ campaign bringing Giant american sized burgers to the Japanese masses.   The newest edition is the Idaho Burger featuring a giant burger, cheese, onions, and mustard sauce, topped with bacon and a hash brown weighing in at 713 calories.   You can complete your meal with a large fry and coke for an additional 750 calories for a whopping 1,463 calories.    …Wow!

The 713 calorie McDonald's Big America Idaho Burger

Deciding I was full just passing the sign, I walked over to the Map Camera Leica Shop in Shinjuku.   I have been looking for a slightly longer lens for my Leica as I only have the 35mm 1.4.   I found a lovely 1986 Summilux 50mm F/1.4 2nd edition.   Below was my test shot from the store, lovely soft creamy blur – yum!   While I saved on ~1,500 calories, it cost me just as many dollars…

A shot from my 1986 Leica Summilux 50mm F1.4 2nd Edition

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  • http://pdhealey.blogspot.com Paul Healey

    I inherited my grandfather’s 35mm Leica rangefinder years ago, and although I quickly realized the lenses were wonderful, I decided to sell the kit to expand my Canon holdings. I’ve regretted it since. Once the digital Leicas came along, I thought there was no way the price for the body was worth the difference in picture quality. Your blog has showed me that I was wrong. Your shots are amazing. Time to re-think my equipment strategy.

  • shaye

    Hi dave…great to know u got the lens…greetings from the singaporean couple u met at the store today…haha..hope to see more pictures from u :) have a good one.

  • Dave

    Thanks for the feedback Paul. I actually shoot both Leica and Canon. I find I shoot them for different reasons so it isn’t really an either or thing for me but rather what am I trying to shoot. The Leica is a much slower shooting style but I love the looks that you can get with the lenses. One big thing to consider is all of the focusing is 100% manual so either you need a still subject or need to be zone focusing. I am sure someone might be really quick with theirs and can shoot on the fly but I haven’t mastered that yet. I love my Leica so if you have the means, I suggest picking up another one, you won’t regret it. The last part to consider it is it much lighter than a Canon kit so I find it is hanging on my shoulder often and I am capturing shots I might not have otherwise captured.

  • http://saberkite.com Kat

    I’m more curious about the postcards. I sort of collect postcards, not to use but rather to receive from friends in various places. Would you happen to know what/who the subjects are and how much does one postcard cost?

  • http://hotintokyo.blogspot.com/ Yuji

    The post cards caught my eyes, also. These are exactly the kind of postcards I like;-) Nice capture!

  • Pieter

    Congrats! – one can never have enough Leica glass!

    Funny – I was there last Saturday looking for a hood for a 35mm Summilux Aspherical which seems to be tricky to find. It’s a great shop!

  • charleskoh

    Hi Dave ! cool ! the 50mm (any version) is my most used focal length. You will have to now decide if you want a second body to permanently have the 35mm dedicated to the 2nd body. ha ha..

    Good site you have here. I wished i have as much opportunity to shoot like you do !

  • Dave

    Thanks Charles. I was pretty excited to get a 50mm as I just wasn’t able to get the signature bokeh you expect from Leicas. I love my 35mm but needed a 50mm perspective as well. I was very tempted at the f/.95 after trying yours but decided I needed to ease into it. Now a second M9 does sound like a great idea!

  • Dave

    Hi Pieter. Do you have the original double aspherical?? I would love to get one of those…

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