Boston Photowalk

Boston Photowalk

I held a photowalk while in Boston yesterday.  I love holding these while I travel as it is a great way to meet people.

I stopped off for Dunkin Donuts on the way…since I am in New England its a must.    I couldn’t believe the number of cameras they had in there.  It was like a casino.

Dunkin Donuts security

There was a great turn out for the photowalk…this was shot by Jeff Tamagini.

Boston Photowalk with ShootTokyo

These colors don't run

Memorial Garden

Meet Greg

Memorial Garden

Memorial Garden

These guys missed hitting us by 2 feet…


Boston Waterfront

Boston Waterfront

Boston Waterfront

Boston Waterfront

We bumped into a wedding party and she was kind enough to stop and pose for me…

Wedding Photos on the Boston Harbor

Wedding Photos on the Boston Harbor

She was so surprised to be swarmed by photographers…

Wedding Photos on the Boston Harbor

Boston Harbor

Boston Harbor

Boston Harbor

Lobsters love Guinness

This girl also got swarmed…it was very funny.


Visiting from Hong Kong

…and our youngest photowalker.

Boston Photowalk

Boston Photowalk

The site of the Boston Massacre

Me in the mirror…

Me in the mirror

Meet Isabel

Isabel Furie

Boston Redsox

Dave Powell of ShootTokyo



Guitarist on the common

This cute little kid was more than happy to stop and pose for me…

Boy in Boston Common

He even took this picture for me…

Boston Common

…and he became very popular.

Cute little kid

Woman on Boston Common

33,000 flags on Boston Common to honor the 33,000 Massachusetts soliders that have died in war…

33,000 flags on Boston Common

Boston Common

Boston Photowalk

Boston Photowalk

Angry Birds ballon animals…

Angry Birds Ballon Animal

Angry Birds Ballon Animal

Boston Common

Stranger on the street… I think I will use this image in my new eBook I am working on about ‘Street Portraits’…

Stranger on the street

Bride on the street


I also shot a lot of film so look for more shots coming….Thanks to everyone to came along yesterday…it was a lot of fun.     Thanks for stopping by today…


  • Michel Vanraes

    I like your pictures, great.
    My daughter (25y) has a lot but does not like to share for the internet.
    I mail your link to here email, thanks again.


  • Masato

    Sunny day! Nice!

  • Caiti Begin

    Thank you for organizing this photowalk! It was so much fun, and it was great to meet you!

    Next time you’re in Boston and doing a photowalk, I am totally in!

  • Chris Ball
  • meng

    Your pictures very great,I like it very much and hope to join you

  • Tom

    Dave, looks like you had a great Boston Photowalk. Good turn out and some great pictures. However, you need to hone your wedding skills.

  • Tom

    I really like the flag picture. Good job.

  • JS Carter

    Thanks for putting this together. I had a great time!

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  • Greg

    Thanks again for hosting Dave. You know how to turn out a good crowd. Hopefully we can do some more shooting sometime when paths cross again. Safe travels back home. Greg.

  • Amp

    The flags spoke volumes so we never forget—
    Beautiful remembrance!

  • Millad

    Hi Dave,
    I really cannot say which one is better, they’re all great and have a story behind. Just would you please advise me on the lens (and the shot configs) that you used for the Isabel shot.
    have fun Dave in Boston.


  • Dave

    Thanks Millad. For the shot for Isabel it was shot with a Leica M9-P, a 50mm f/0.95 and shot at ISO 400, 1/1500 of a second shot at f/0.95.

  • Dave

    Thanks Greg. I hope we can as well.

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  • imene

    Now i have to find a way to convince you to visit NYC!

  • Ernest Fernández

    The pictures are great. I like especially the people, showing his personality as such in the street … capturing its essence. Congratulations!
    Greetings from Castellar del Vallès, Barcelona-Spain.

  • Vicky Flores

    Very nice work! You have definitely inspired me to do more with my photography :). Thank you so much for sharing :)

  • Dave

    Thanks nice to hear Vicky!

  • Dave

    I did last year Imene for Jay Maisel’s workshop and did a Photowalk in Chinatown.

  • Dave

    That’s great to hear Vicky…

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