Boys like bugs…

Boys like bugs…

A nice relaxing day home in Tokyo with my family… the one thing I love about Tokyo is the endless subject matter to photograph.  I found this temple about 3 blocks from my new house.    I am curious to see how I do with my daily shooting when I am in the US for two weeks.

Today’s Configuration: Leica M9 with a Noctilux 50mm f/0.95 with an ND64 and a FujiFilm x100.

Temple in Jiyugaoka

The chicken says “no hanging out”! I think the chicken needs to come to the park next to my house as well…

Temple in Jiyugaoka

Temple in Jiyugaoka

Temple in Jiyugaoka

Temple in Jiyugaoka

Temple in Jiyugaoka

Temple Cat…

Temple in Jiyugaoka

Temple in Jiyugaoka

I’ll need to bring Kai here… these look like fun.

Temple in Jiyugaoka


Bike Parking in Jiyugaoka

Jiyugaoka is starting to really feel like home now… I love that Jiyugaoka has these great little relaxing spots.   You dont’ feel like you are in Tokyo.

Benches in Jiyugaoka

Tea Room in Jiyugaoka

Road Side Temple in Jiyugaoka

Flowers in Jiyugaoka


We found a new cake shop “Mont Blanc”…Mayumi says they have the most amazing cakes.  The best she has ever had.   Now for someone that is a cake vacuum this is a huge compliment to give.

Mont Blanc in Jiyugaoka

Mont Blanc in Jiyugaoka

I love how everything has a mascot in Japan…Meet Whiprun and Whiprun-kun… (they are whipped cream)

Jiyugaoka Mascots Whiprun and Whiprun-kun

Mozart in Jiyugaoka

I had some Italian Ice Cream… so good.

Italian Ice Cream in Jiyugaoka

Sweet Shop in Jiyugaoka

Love Tokyo

OK…so we entered a new phase of Kai’s Development…bugs.  I woke up this morning with him putting this bug in my face to show me his new prize.   I have yet to enter this phase of MY development.


Kai spent most of the day chasing me around the house trying to put it on me….or leave it on my laptop.   Fatherhood.   I hope the dinosaur phase starts quickly….


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  1. I haven’t reached that phase either, and thankfully my kids didn’t either.

  2. I recently learned that each prefecture in Japan has its own mascot. :)

    Ah bugs. Being a girl, I don’t think I’ve entered that phase at all. Then again, I never really got into the dolls phase. I preferred action figures :p

  3. Hi. I ran across your blog after I ran across you on G+. Love the shots you take. As a frequent visitor to Japan (I’m Japanese but grew up in the US and now fly to Japan about once a month for business) it’s interesting to me to see the photos you take. Lets me see Japan with fresh eyes. As for Jiyugaoka, it really feels like a separate entity from Tokyo. And if you ever start to shoot film, I highly recommend Popeye Camera, just a few minutes from the station. Great little store with some great service!

  4. Love the temple cat shot :) Good catch.
    I think bugs are still better than dogs, for example – at least you can harmlessly separate with them when a kid outgrows his/her initial passion for a pet :)

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