Cloudforce Japan

Cloudforce Japan

As many of you know I work for   This week we had our conference Cloudforce Japan in Tokyo.   We had the pleasure of two very special guests; Former Secretary of State for the US General Colin Powell and President and CEO of Toyota Motor Corporation Akio Toyoda join us.   I had the privilege of meeting General Powell the evening before.

Colin Powell

I quickly become the go to photographer and snapped some shots for co-workers.   Here is my co-worker Joe Poch speaking with General Powell along with the CEO of Yelp Jeremy Stoppelman.

Colin Powell, Joe Poch and Jeremy Stoppelman

The next day at Cloudforce I was able to capture this great moment when our CEO Marc Benioff stopped with General Powell and Toyoda-san to wrap some christmas presents as part of Operation Tomodachi and speak about the need for corporate philanthropy.

Marc Benioff, General Colin Powell and Akio Toyoda

Kimono Style…

A guest at Cloudforce

After a day of speaking about using technology to transform our lives, communities and businesses I saw this scene. Now you know you are being replaced when your job has become to watch a robot do your job for you…


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  • Imene

    That must have been a very exciting event. I love how you documented it

  • Chris Robinson

    Those pictures are so cool! I would love to have a conversation with all of those people.

  • Atsushi Hanai

    The last shot has a deep message. I had a dream last night (on the night I saw this shot) in which lots of robots were walking around in Ginza but with no “digital camera” in their hands.

    They could watch and memorize (or transmit) what they saw with their eyes in one action. Those were no longer called pictures”. What they captured were “images” and processed as “data”.

    Then Michael Yamashita showed up and said, so I told you “Trust the cutting edge” but holding a F3, somehow, in his hand. And then Capa, Joe O’Donnell, Nachtway and many other great photographers showed up one one after another and asked him “Mike, where did you get your film.” He was saying “Jiyugaoka” to those with a big smile.

    Every thing was mixed up in the dream. But I guess this reflects what I have in my mind. A sense of loss (“Film culture”) and great expectations.

    Those robots were not using data which satellites could capture. Why? I guess they had the will and emotions as well…

  • Dave

    Thanks Imene and Chris. It was a very cool event.

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