As many of you know I work for   This week we had our conference Cloudforce Japan in Tokyo.   We had the pleasure of two very special guests; Former Secretary of State for the US General Colin Powell and President and CEO of Toyota Motor Corporation Akio Toyoda join us.   I had the privilege of meeting General Powell the evening before.

Colin Powell

I quickly become the go to photographer and snapped some shots for co-workers.   Here is my co-worker Joe Poch speaking with General Powell along with the CEO of Yelp Jeremy Stoppelman.

Colin Powell, Joe Poch and Jeremy Stoppelman

The next day at Cloudforce I was able to capture this great moment when our CEO Marc Benioff stopped with General Powell and Toyoda-san to wrap some christmas presents as part of Operation Tomodachi and speak about the need for corporate philanthropy.

Marc Benioff, General Colin Powell and Akio Toyoda

Kimono Style…

A guest at Cloudforce

After a day of speaking about using technology to transform our lives, communities and businesses I saw this scene. Now you know you are being replaced when your job has become to watch a robot do your job for you…


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