Cookyn in Singapore

Cookyn in Singapore

I was on a business trip last week and one evening we have a team building event at Cookyn in Singapore.  These things can often be hit or miss and sometimes feel a bit ‘forced’ but I have to say this was really well executed.  It was surprisingly fun and a great way to spend a few hours.

The idea is we are broken into two teams; one team was cooking Spanish food and the other French.   A lot of the prep work was done on the food so you needed to follow the instructions on how to prepare the food, decide how to present the food, creating a way to market the food during the presentation to the group and deal with the ‘surprise’ ingredient they told us they were going to introduce half way through cooking.

As I was mentioning last week, shooting in both RAW (which is color) and in fine JPEG Black and White allows you to see an image twice, from a different perspective.    Honestly I would have passed on most of these images in color, the lighting wasn’t great in this place, the backgrounds were distracting but throw everything into shades of gray and you get a very different feel to the place and the images.   I know different photographers have different views on this and some believe that if you are going to shoot in Black and White you need to get into a Black and White mood and therefore only shoot in Black and White.  I have to say this is working for me so far.   I am really enjoying the results I am getting.

Cookyn Inc in Singapore

Meet Stella…

Cookyn Inc in Singapore

Meet JJ…

Cookyn Inc in Singapore

Meet Brett…

Cookyn Inc in Singapore

Meet Steve…

Cookyn Inc in Singapore

Meet Nakayama-san…

Cookyn Inc in Singapore

Meet Raymond…

They threw us our secret ingredient about half way through.   It was the fruit  lychee.  We were cooking chicken with peppers and spinach.   Not really a good combination for lychee.  I dug deep into my Bartender roots and grabbed some strawberries, blueberries, Malibu coconut rum, lime juice and ice and made frozen drinks!

Cookyn Inc in Singapore

…and me.  (shot by Ann below…I think I have converted her to a Leica devotee)

Cookyn Inc in Singapore

Meet Ann…

Cookyn Inc in Singapore

Meet Hengloon…

Cookyn Inc in Singapore

The results…

Cookyn Inc in Singapore

Cookyn Inc in Singapore

…and then it’s time to eat and drink.

Cookyn Inc in Singapore

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  1. Would have been nice to see a few of the color versions as well.

  2. It’s a pity I couldn’t catch you while you were here in Singapore. I’ve been following this blog for a long time and it would have been great to meet up with you. I hope you enjoyed Singapore.

  3. If I’m shooting in digital, then it’s color first. While processing, I’ll see how the image looks in B/W. It’s then I’ll decide whether or not I’ll keep it in color. But I didn’t know you could shoot in both formats like that at the same time

  4. Anjolle – Leica does some process to the Black and White JPEG that is hard to replicate in Lightroom, plus I don’t need to process. I use the RAW image if I was color or a larger file but I am finding I can use the Leica B&W JPEG straight from the camera.

  5. Maybe next time Jen. I travel there all the time. I love your site by the way.

  6. Dave need to say, first of all, that look like you guys had a blast!, good for you :)
    About the photos … in the street the direct black and white from your Leica doesn’t look so bad but here … it seems to “flat” for me … but hey!, is just a personal opinion.

  7. Thanks, Dave. It’s a simple site and I don’t post as much as I would like to.

    I hope we can shoot together the next time you’re here.

  8. Dave,

    Great hooking up in Singapore. Love the website. Can you send me the headshot of me from LeLido? I want to update my profile shot.

    The 19.5 hour flight from Singapore to Newark, NJ was a crusher!


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