Dinner at Kill Bill’s

Dinner at Kill Bill’s

I had a co-worker in town this weekend helping me with some things that work and I took him out for a few hours to show him a bit of Tokyo and grab some dinner. We didn’t have a lot of time so we headed over to Shibuya. It is always lively there with lots of see which makes it a nice place to get a quick Tokyo experience.

Today’s configuration: Leica M Monochrom with a Noctilux 50mm f/0.95

Guitar Player in Shibuya

Somethings just don’t phase me anymore after living in a big city for so many years…


Even after all these years I am still amazed at the scale of Shibuya Crossing…

Shibuya Crossing

The Ants of Tokyo…

Shibuya Crossing

After exploring Shibuya for a while we headed over to Gompachi in Nishi Asabu. I love this place. The style and decoration inspired the location for the big sword fight scene at the end of Kill Bill 1. If you haven’t seen it; #1 shame on you, #2 go watch it, #3 if you can’t wait just the sword fight scene between ‘The Bride’, GoGo and the Crazy 88s is on YouTube.



The food is great. The atmosphere is great. I am never disappointed here…


Thanks for stopping by today…


  • millad

    Great post
    I’m just wonder what’s the purpose of the guy got wrapped in the in the 2nd pic.
    Btw, missed the kill bill (s) and it’s amazing soundtracks…

  • http://500px.com/ScottBarlow Scott B

    Awesome images and my favorite place to eat when I used to get over to Tokyo.

  • Paul G

    Nice serie, as usual. I actually also came across this wrapped guy yesterday in Shibuya. If I had been luckier I could have been on your picture as well !

  • http://obliqueexposure.wordpress.com/ Carlos Ferreira

    I am growing increasingly in love with the shots coming out of your M Monochrom. Absolutely great. Did you do any post-processing, like adding grain?

  • http://www.shoottokyo.com Dave

    Thanks Carolos. I do post process them as they are a bit flat otherwise. Basic adjustments to contrasts, highlights, shadows and add a bit of grain.

  • http://www.nasubijutsu.com Nick

    Wow! I love the shot of the crossing in Shibuya. I’ve seen so many shots of that particular area, but this is probably one of the best executed I’ve seen. Nice one! Nick

  • http://www.shoottokyo.com Dave

    Thanks Nick…

  • Alice and. Mark

    The Kill Bill restaurant pic is striking as the light fictures draw your attn to center.

    Blk and wht is an added bonus!

  • Nikki

    Awesome post!! I stumbled across your blog from researching pics of Gonpachi. I’m going there for my birthday dinner & can’t wait!! I’m adding your blog to my bookmarks btw. I love you pics!! :-)

  • http://www.shoottokyo.com Dave

    Thanks Nikki and Happy Birthday!

  • http://stefansperber.com Stefan

    From where did you take the bird’s eye photo of the crossing? During my last visit to Tokyo I tried getting a similar shot but couldn’t figure out the building.

  • http://www.shoottokyo.com Dave

    You can take it from the top floor of Excel Hotel in Marc’s City.

  • John

    Kill Bill is one of my favorites! Excellent pics. Hope to see you soon!

  • http://www.shoottokyo.com Dave

    John – I know! I love that movie. Hopefully you make it to Tokyo one day and I can take you…

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