Dinner on Sentosa Island

Dinner on Sentosa Island

While in Singapore last week I had dinner on Sentosa Island at iL Lido at Sentosa Golf Club.   I have been to Singapore so many times but I have never had an a chance to eat there.   There was a pretty amazing row of Ferraris in the parking lot… I think I will pass a new rule that I am not eating dinner at a place with less than 6 Ferraris parked out front.  It gives me lots of subject matter to shoot!

Parking at the Sentosa Country Club

Sentosa Country Club

I always think it is so neat to see the massive amount of ships waiting to offload in Singapore…If you see it from up high in the Central Business District the boats are as far as the eye can see.

Sentosa Country Club

The beauty of shooting a Leica is you can bring it everywhere.  It is always in my brief case and I bring it along to work functions as well.  If you bring your DSLR to a work dinner you are ‘that guy’ however a Leica becomes a conversation piece.  It is really interesting as I shoot both and have brought both with me to different functions.  People are always intrigued by the M9 and want to talk about it or try it.  The downside is I have a entire portfolio of images of me that look like this…

Dave Powell from ShootTokyo

Back to my on going discussion I have been having here about shooting in Black and White.  I typically shoot my M9 about ISO 160 and really don’t like shooting about 400.  I have been seeing how much I can push the ISO.   At dinner the other night I was shooting at ISO 1250.  One of the issues I find with shooting at such a high ISO on my M9, aside from the noise, is the skin tones turn very red.   To me it reduces the quality of the images dramatically.

Meet Gordon… he usually isn’t this red.


Looking at the Black and White image, skin tones are not a problem and the ‘noise’ becomes ‘grain’.


I was really happy with how the Black and White images came out.  I am going to continue to push the boundaries of the ISO and explore how I can get the most out of my M9.   If you are a Leica shooter and have tips you want to share, please leave a comment.

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  • http://www.ontheedgeworld.com Agustin

    Wow- How much was dinner at that place??

  • Dave

    Not sure Agustin…I didn’t pay.

  • Jing

    Dave – Cars are also extraordinarily expensive in singapore. cheapest ferrari is 900k and up. I think your new rule should be no dinner at any place with less than 10 mil worth of cars out front.

  • http://www.ricky-cheong.com ricky

    i push it all the way to 2500 if needed, not the prettiest quality but it would get the shot when it matters.

  • Jim

    Love the comparison shots.

  • http://obliqueexposure.wordpress.com/ Carlos Ferreira

    About the inconvenience of carrying a DSLR around: my other half took a picture of me holding my Canon with a 30mm Sigma lens and lens hood attached, and I was staggered at the sheer area of glass. A good portrait lens it may be (within reason), but I certainly would not feel that much at ease with such a large Cyclopean eye pointed at my face. No doubt about it: do not carry a DSLR to a party or a dinner out!

    With that in mind, guess what I voted for?…

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