Dosukoi Sakaba Saikai

Dosukoi Sakaba Saikai

The one thing I love in Japan is how they put objects in the way to try to avoid certain behavior such as parking your bike. Hmmm everyone seems to ignore our ‘No Parking’ signs so let’s try putting some potted flowers in the way to deter people.

Bike Parking in Japan

This guy adjusts them every morning…

Bike Parking in Japan

This is a very common sight. I think I am going to do a posting on the ‘Cones of Tokyo’ one day as I have so many funny (to me) photos.

Cones in Japan

I can’t say I have ever wanted to ride the train this badly. I would simply wait for the next one or take a ‘local’ train…

Train Stuffers in Japan

It was a double ‘Stuffer’ day…

Train Stuffers in Japan

On the Toyoko Line

I would fall over if I tried to stand like this…

Waiting at the tracks

On the Yamanote Line

A very enthusiastic Century 21…

Century 21

I met up with some friends after work for some dinner and drinks…well I was a bit late so I joined them already in progress. This place was called Dosukoi Sakaba Saikai run by a retired Sumo Wrestler. This type of place is called ‘Chanko’ which is the name of any food a Sumo Wrestler eats. A lot of the junior sumo when they first join around age 16 have to cook for the rest of the group. This is one of the first things they learn as a sumo wrestler. A lot of sumo wrestlers open ‘Chanko’ restaurant after retirement.

Dosukoi Sakaba

Dosukoi Sakaba

Meet Rob…

Robert Stevenson

Meet John…

John Pitt

Meet Michael…

Michael Alp

Meet Sumo…

Dosukoi Sakaba

Michael Alp

Dosukoi Sakaba

Dosukoi Sakaba

Meet Atom…


Japan Lantern

Tokyo Police

Cigar Bar

Cigar Bar

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  1. Wow. Great pics. I’ve laltely started to be tired of “Tokyo pictures” as they all seem to look alike more and more, but yours… I’m a fan…

  2. Don’t know what you changedin your website but i cannot resize to a bigger size the imagens in The Safari browser of my IPad.
    Love your blog and Photos

  3. Great pictures as always. About the girls standing at rail crossing, when I was in Japan, I had same thoughts – how the heck they can stand like that :o

  4. Send my regards to Rob!

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