Drinking with Sumo

Drinking with Sumo

I met up with some friends after work one night this week for some dinner and drinks…and never thought we would be drinking with sumo.   This place was called Dosukoi Sakaba Saikai run by a retired Sumo Wrestler. This type of place is called ‘Chanko’ which is the name of any food a Sumo Wrestler eats.

A lot of the junior sumo when they first join around age 16 have to cook for the rest of the group. This is one of the first things they learn as a sumo wrestler. A lot of sumo wrestlers open ‘Chanko’ restaurant after retirement.

It was basically a mix of a lot of different types of Japanese food.

Today’s configuration: Leica M-Monochrom, Summicron 50mm /2.0, yellow filter


Meet Sumo…


Sumo becomes happy with Shochu…and you want Sumo to be happy!   Lesson Learned:  Drinking with Sumo is fun!


I don’t think I ever get tired of seeing this view each morning…

Mt. Fuji

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  1. Beautiful photos. And the view from your office is indeed stunning, totally understandable why you can’t get tired of seeing it. :)

  2. Nice photos. Love that big smile :)

    Are you enjoying the M-Monochrome?

  3. Thanks Roxana… I do enjoy the daily view.

  4. I love the M-Monochrom. I am really glad I got it. I really love the high ISO capabilities. I shot those at 3,200 ISO which I never could do with my M9. My photos would be way to noisy and still at an unacceptable shutter speed.

  5. Great. I can definitely see the appeal of having such a dedicated device. The ISO performance is definitely incredible.

    Have you tried using it with colour filters? I was reading about it and of course I forgot about the fact that you don’t have control over influencing the resulting black and white by adjusting colour settings.

  6. Alex – I typically use a yellow filter as it gives me the look I like. I have red and green as well but I haven’t played with them much.

  7. Cool. I guess the really nice thing is that you must be able to see a monochrome preview of the effect of the filter :)

  8. Alex – Sadly I haven’t really played with them but I need to. I will. It would be good to set up a shot and then try with no filter and the three different filters to see the effects you can get.

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