100 Shots with the Fuji Film X100

100 Shots with the Fuji Film X100

I picked up the Fuji Film x100 a few months ago.  I was lucky to get it pretty early on and I have gotten a lot of comments, emails and questions about it.  No camera in recent history splashed onto the market with so much fanfare, excitement, buzz and controversy.    People seem to either love it or hate it but regardless there is still a waiting list to get it.

My view:  I like it.

I got it as I wanted something light and compact that I could carry when I didn’t feel like dragging along my Canon 5DMKII or my Leica.  I wanted something that was for easy, quick shooting when I am out with my family.   I also wanted to be able to capture a lot of the foods in Tokyo and as I travel and my M9 with a minimal focusing distance of 2-3 feet couldn’t do what I wanted.  It has met everything I was looking for it to do.   It’s compact and light yet still lets me shoot RAW, control aperture, shutter speed and ISO.  It feels a bit like a rangefinder the way it is configured so it is an easy transition for me from my Leica M9.   The styling of the camera is just excellent… I love the retro look they produced.

Shoot Tokyo's new Fuji Film x100

Shoot Tokyo's new Fuji Film x100

Shoot Tokyo's new Fuji Film x100

Shoot Tokyo's new Fuji Film x100

Shoot Tokyo's new Fuji Film x100

As I said, the look of the camera of just great.  What matters to all of us is what type of pictures can it take.  I will forego my usual commentary between photos so you can focus on the photos themselves.    Feel free to hover over the photo if you are looking for some additional information on the image.   I haven’t really even pushed the limits of this camera yet but here is 100 shots at with the x100…

Today’s Configuration: FujiFilm x100

Leica M9 with a Noctilux 50mm f/0.95

Nakameguro Tokyo, Japan

Starbucks Coffee

Red Truck


Dodge Charger

Tokyo, Japan

Tokyo, Japan

Trains in Tokyo

Superfly Shibuya, Tokyo, Japan


Tokyo, Japan

Tokyo, Japan

Car Accident in Tokyo, Japan

CT Scan in Tokyo

LOVE in Tokyo

Vending Machine in Tokyo

Parking in Tokyo

Outback Steakhouse in Tokyo

Hayashi Fruit in Tokyo

Color Pencils

McDonald's in Tokyo

I love English


Koop Cafe Pizza

Koop Cafe French Fries

Anti Nuke Rally


Parking at Denny's

Dave of ShootTokyo

Lotus in Tokyo


Nakameguro, Tokyo, Japan

Nakameguro, Tokyo, Japan

Jiyugaoka, Tokyo, Japan

The Egg Plate at the Bake Shop in Jiyugaoka, Tokyo, Japan

The ShootTokyo Mobile Audi's S4

The Leica M9-P

The Bake Shop in Jiyugaoka, Tokyo, Japan

The Bake Shop in Jiyugaoka, Tokyo, Japan

The Bake Shop in Jiyugaoka, Tokyo, Japan

Dave eating Sushi

Commuting in India

Stag's Leap Artemis


Clam Chowder

French Fries

Braised Beef

Pasta Carbonara


M9 and a magarita

Leica M9s


Canned Coffee in Japan

Groceries in Japan

My office in Tokyo, Japan

I sold my soul to the Devil

Things you can't do in a Bangkok Taxi

Have you seen my monkey?

Parking in Jiyugaoka

One more coffee at Starbucks

Sushi in Tokyo

Sushi in Tokyo

Audi S4

Jiyugaoka, Tokyo, Japan

Jiyugaoka, Tokyo, Japan

The Washington Monument

Arlington, Va

Arlington, Va

Ultraman down!

ShootTokyo Boston Photowalk

ShootTokyo Boston Photowalk

ShootTokyo Boston Photowalk

ShootTokyo Boston Photowalk

Hurricane Irene

ShootTokyo Boston Photowalk

ShootTokyo Boston Photowalk

Hurricane Irene

Hurricane Irene

Hurricane Irene


Amazon.co.jp Danbo and 711 Danbo

Lunch at the Tokyo American Club

Lunch at the Tokyo American Club

Lunch at the Tokyo American Club

Lunch at the Tokyo American Club

Lunch at the Tokyo American Club

Jiyugaoka Matsuri

Jiyugaoka Matsuri

Tokyo Japan

Tokyo American Club

View from the Tokyo American Club Gym

Tokyo American Club

Working out at the Tokyo American Club

Tokyo American Club Donuts

View from the Tokyo American Club Gym

The Tokyo American Club Gym

The Tokyo American Club

My Snacks

Sunset on Shinjuku

If you like what you saw today, please share it by clicking one of the links below.   Thanks and see you tomorrow!



  1. Appreciated your post today & I am finding that your blog is one of the 1st places I go to every morning. I too wanted a small good quality camera to carry in place of my Nikon D300. While it’s not a X100, I’m very pleased with the Canon Powershot S95 I got about 3 weeks ago. It also can shoot Raw files.

  2. I have the X100 and it’s now my constant companion. My poor GF1 is sad because the X100 has replaced him. It’s already looking pretty beat up…especially the cap…but it looks like it can take the abuse and I’m constantly amazed at the quality. You can hand hold this guy at 1/30 and still get really good images due to the leaf shutter. Great great camera. And great shots here on the blog too. Glad to see another X100 aficionado :) Oh, and to the previous commenter, the S95 is great as well. Mine is on a semi-permanent loan to an out of state friend but it truly is a miracle in that tiny portable body!!

  3. I have totally enjoyed your “FujiFilm: 100 Shots with the x100″. A record of just daily stuff….love it…well done.


    p.s. I am an X100 owner also and like Damon I also own a D300 and S95.

  4. Glad to hear you like the X100, it seems to split some people, but I love mine.

  5. Thanks for this Dave. The pictures definitely speak for themselves. I’m a bit hesitant to get this as I’m not familiar with range finders, although I am willing to give it a shot.

    Tim, GF1 is great. I wish I bought one, particularly the ones with 20mm pancake. It’s so hard to find one these days and I’m not particularly partial to the GF2 or GF3.

  6. Hi Damon – Glad you are enjoying the blog… thanks for visiting…

  7. Tim – Great blog. I really enjoyed browsing it. I have book marked it. Well done on keeping up your photo a day for so long. If anyone is interested in looking check it out HERE.

  8. Tim – Do you use a soft release button, you should be able to hand hold to 1/15 or so.

  9. Hi Dave – No, I haven’t picked up one of those soft release buttons yet. I’ve heard it helps with the handholding though. So far I’ve gotten decently sharp shots even at 1/10 though I need to try it a few times. It’s great for shooting into a station entrance while people stream past. I’ll look into it. After all, if we can’t switch lenses out of it, we might as well jazz it up a bit. Right now I have a leather wrist strap made for a Rollei 35 on it since I never really wear a neck strap. It’s just an all around fun camera to use…that looks too complicated so most of my friend’s won’t try to use it :)

  10. Tim – The shutter release is very helpful. You can get really good ones from Match Technical Services.

  11. Enjoyed the post… Lot of food images :)

  12. Hi Dave. Am not really a fan of DSLR’s due to their size. Portability is a big thing for me which was why I got a Canon S95. I finally decided to get a X100 after seeing some of the great shots from your blog (maybe Fuji should pay you a royalty :-)). Just wondering when you will be starting an equipment page for the X100 like you have for the M9. Wondering what sort of filter you have on it?

    Keep it up. Cheers!

  13. …I…I want the carp one… Ha. Thanks for the info Dave! I think I might pick up the thumbs up one too. Maybe one for my Leica M6 as well. Hmmmm. Will definitely pick up the shutter release for sure!

  14. Hi Jack – Glad you got yourself an X100… you will love it. I don’t use any filters on it, I just have a scratch filter. I will add the FujiFilm to my equipment page when I get a chance to really ‘kick the tires’ on it. I love the camera.

  15. Tim – The thumbs up is awesome for the Leica. It really helps with holding it steady…

  16. Id love a thumbs up for the X100, they’re just exorbitantly expensive for a moulded piece of metal. Id be happy with a robust plastic one or hopefully an asian ebay knock off :\
    Meanwhile just wanted to pimp this X100 community site which Is great for discussions etc http://www.x100enthusiasts.com/

  17. Matthew – I don’t think you need a thumbs up for the x100. It’s useful for the Leica as it is so heavy being solid brass but not necessary on the x100 in my opinion.

  18. Dave- youre right of course, doesnt stop me lusting after it though ;)
    But then Im also lusting after an M9

  19. Hi Dave, I came across your blog about three weeks ago and have been enjoying your entries everyday since! Shoot Tokyo is one of the few sites I “have” to visit daily. I am a new to photography and feel that my style is drifting more toward street photography, so your blog provides daily inspiration.

    Although I may not ever be able to own an M9, I just purchased my X100 two weeks ago. Simply, my wife and I love it.

    However, for shots at closer focal lengths in lower light (food, headshots, etc.) what method are you using to focus (Macro mode AF, or MF through the EVF and using the AE-L/AF-L button for assistance)? At dinner last night I was having difficulty with both methods.

    Also, what program do you use for B&W conversion (Lightroom 3, Silver Efex Pro 2, etc.)?

    Thank you and keep up the great work!

  20. Cliff – I shoot in manual when I am up close. Are you running the latest firmware 1.10? It fixed some focusing issues. I use Lightroom 3 for all of my RAW processes. It’s the best in my mind.

  21. Dave – Thanks. Yes, my camera came loaded with firmware 1.10. Currently I am shooting both JPEG (small) and RAW, and processing in Lightroom 3. Actually, my X100 performed incredibly well last night at the Oktoberfest event (in Hawaii) I attended. The more I shoot with it, the more impressed I am with it.

  22. Hey Dave, great share man. I decided to go for the X100. Took me quite some time to figure out whether to go for a Canon DSRL (60D or 7D) or a smaller one like a rangefinder.
    Seeing all those photos you shot with the X100 really shows that I made the right decision.

    Never thought you shot this much with the X100, having a Leica that is.

  23. Dave,

    Are you still using the X100?

    I’m thinking of buying one for myself – and would like to hear some updated comments from you on how it is performing etc.


  24. I don’t. I sold mine and got a GR Digital IV. It is a much better camera for me.


  1. The GR IV Digitial | ShootTokyo - [...] Gear Leica M9 Leica Noctilux 50mm f/0.95 Leica Summilux 35mm f/1.4 Leica Summilux 21mm f/1.4 …

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