Goodbye Nakameguro

Goodbye Nakameguro

Today we move from Nakameguro to Jiyugaoka…strange moving after living in the same place for 8 years but excited for a new chapter in our lives.   I went for a walk last night to take some final shots of Nakameguro while I am still a resident…

Today’s Configuration: Leica M9 with a Summilux 21mm f/1.4 and 21mm viewfinder.

今日のカメラ:私のライカM9をつかいます。レンズはSummilux 21mm f/1.4と21mm viewfinderをつかいました。

Raffine Nakameguro


Ramen Shop in Nakameguro

Parking in Nakameguro

I just snapped this to get the view through the viewfinder without focusing but I really liked how it ended up coming out.


Nakameguro has become such a busy place over the past few years…

Nakameguro Station

I swung by my favorite Koop Cafe to say good-bye…

Koop Cafe


Under the tracks…

Nakameguro Station

Nakameguro Station

Giant Fish


The one thing I love about Nakameguro is all of the little discoveries…like this temple.

Temple in Nakameguro

Japanese Word of the Day: さよなら – sayonara



Goodbye Nakameguro

If you like what you saw today, please share it by clicking one of the links below.   Thanks and see you tomorrow!



  1. When one door closes another opens with new possibilities. Good luck in your home, much happiness.I will remember Nakameguro with fond memories…

  2. Really beautiful images. Your blog is the first photo blog I open each night and am in awe of your work. Of course location helps to. Have a great move.

  3. You are too kind… but thanks Jim. Glad you like my work. I put a tremendous amount of effort in so it’s nice to know when it is enjoyed.

  4. Strange…
    Something happens?
    All is good?
    For a long time I read your blog, and to me it is not indifferent.
    P.S.> Sorry, my english is bad)

  5. Hi Dimtry – No, nothing bad happened we just moved to a new place in Jiyugaoka… Thanks for reading my blog.

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