Yesterday I wrote a bit about social media for photographers.  I typically use the application Reeder on my Mac, iPad and iPhone for reading all of the different blogs that I subscribe to.  Another new tool I have recently found is Google Currents.

It was just released a few weeks ago.   It is a very slick reader that allows you to read your favorite blogs, websites and publications in a swipable magazine format on your iPhone, iPad, Tablet or Android device.   You can download the applications from the US stores currently.   I often lose internet connectivity while on a plane or a train so the big thing for me is your can read content offline.    You can easily set one up for your own site HERE.    Once you have created your edition you can share the links with your friends so they can subscribe to it.   You can access mine HERE.

Google Currents

I was pretty excited that Google decided to add me to their Catalog…making it easier for people to find and subscribe to ShootTokyo.   There is nothing like having Google promote your work – Thanks Sami and Google!

Shoot Tokyo on Google Currents

As of this morning Google users can now find me and ShootTokyo in the Current’s Catalog.

ShootTokyo on Google CurrentsRight now I have my blog ShootTokyo and my Google+ activity in my edition but you can see where this will be headed as a technology helping you to consolidate views of people or topics you like.

You can scroll through and see my most recent Google+ posts…

You can also see my latest blog posts…

You can swipe your way through the blog posts…

You can tap pictures to make them bigger…

…and of course it works in landscape as well.

It is a very cool interface…  OK now onto some photography!   There are many year end parties in Tokyo this time of year so there are more drunk people than usual on the trains.  Last night I kept having to pull these two guys back who thought it might make sense to cross and not wait for the gate to get up.  I think they were just having fun getting pulled back…

Drunk Japanese Salary Men

The trains are packed with drunk people…this was 11:30pm!

Yamanote Line

I ran to Ginza to pick up my Leica M9 from the service shop…sadly I am having issues again and it is going back again tomorrow.

I love how many possible ways there are to get out of a station in Tokyo.   I know a lot of you think I am walking around and intentionally trying to capture these amazing scenes.  Truth be told…I am actually lost, trying to find my way out and documenting my path so I can retrace my steps if needed.   Check this out… 32 possible ways to exit 1 single station.

Ginza Station

I love the difference in this couples expressions…

A couple at Roppongi Crossing


Happy Metro…

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