I got my first images from my first attempt with my Hasselblad back from Popeye Camera last night.     I went with Popeye scans as I wanted to get these up here quickly.

I love this camera.    When I nail the shot they are so good.   When I miss them they are so bad…   My current miss rate is more than 50%.    Waist level finder, a reversed view in the finder, hand held metering, manual focus, manual everything – it’s a lot to take in…  I think it will take me a little while to get used to shooting with this.

You also attract a lot more attention shooting a Hasselblad than you do when shooting with a Leica.  I didn’t expect that.   A lot of people come right up to you and ask ‘Is that a Hasselblad?’.

Today’s configuration:  Hasselblad 501cm with a Carl Zeiss Planar 80mm f/2.8 shot on Ilford 400 XP2.


I got my new Hasselblad and did what any good photographer should do.  I went to the massive Yodobashi film warehouse in Shinjuku and spend $250 on film ($100 if my wife asks)…

Yodobashi Film Store in Shinjuku

It is taking a while to get used to the waist level finding.    I spent about 20 minutes trying to figure out why I couldn’t get this awning to line up.  It was driving me crazy.   Looking at in through a waist level finder backwards wasn’t helping me to notice that it wasn’t straight on the building.


Surprise… it’s Suzuki Yakitori!   I love this little shop.

Suzuki Yakitori

Exploring Roppongi Hills after a lovely date with my lovely wife…

Roppongi Hills

My wife Mayumi wanted to try my Hasselblad…  Waist level finder, a reversed view in the finder, hand held metering, manual focus, manual everything – it’s nothing to her.  She nailed it.  I can’t say the same of my shots of her…but she promised to teach me how to use the Hasselblad.

Dave Powell of ShootTokyo

While I got a few cool shots I did miss as many…   I completely blew the exposure on this one.   I am going to scan this one myself and see if I can recover it as it was a beautiful sky.  Popeye scans with a single present for all images.  I’m sure I can mix things up a bit and come back with a nice image.

Hasselblad Failure

I typically pick a focus point on the right or left side of the frame when shooting a Leica and use the negative space in the middle to create energy to my focus point.  This clearly does not work in a square format at least with things on both sides.  I need to learn how to maximize the square format.

Hasselblad Failure

and moving subjects are nearly impossible.   At least for now.

Hasselblad Failure

I am loving this camera and there is something satisfying about the whoosh-bang-clank sound the shutter makes when I release it.   I can’t wait to explore more with this camera. Thanks for stopping by today…