It is interesting to see how Google+ is evolving as a social platform.  I am really enjoying my experience there and have found it a great way to meet a lot of photographers.   I have quickly been able to build a network of photographers in most countries that I can think of.   As a photographer it is a great way to get mass exposure for your work.    I found the photographer community there very engaging.  I arranged a photo walk last week and met a heap of great photographers.   It was a very rewarding experience to bring a lot of people together and I plan to do more of these.  I will do one in Tokyo when it cools down a bit and I plan to do one in New York City when I am there in October.

If you are not on Google+ I highly recommend joining.  If you need an invite to Google+ contact via the link in the menu bar above.   After you join Google+ it will give you a list of Interesting and Famous People they recommend following and I was very surprised to find out I am on the list!   Not sure how that happened…

Google Suggested Users List

Now on to today’s blogpost… I was surprised to see in the very short time I was gone the parking lot down the street is being overhauled and automated.

Today’s Configuration: Leica M9 with a Summilux 35mm f/1.4.

Jiyugaoka Parking Lot

The building were someone used to sit, give tickets and collect money was replaced with a machine.  It is amazing how manual some things can still be in Japan.

Jiyugaoka Parking Lot

Jiyugaoka Parking Lot

This construction site is making a lot of progress.  I can’t wait to see what this becomes.

Jiyugaoka Construction Site

I ran out this morning to get a haircut.   I hate when my hair gets longer than 1/10th of an inch in length.

Jiyugaoka Barber Shop

I went to my favorite local bake shop to pick up a coffee and bagel for lunch.

Jiyugaoka Bake Shop

Jiyugaoka Bake Shop

Jiyugaoka Bake Shop

Jiyugaoka Bake Shop

Jiyugaoka Bake Shop

In case it wasn’t obvious…


I picked up a few cool toys for my son while in the US…



Midorisho Dori


I found the world’s smallest laundromat near my house…

Laundry in Jiyugaoka

Laundry in Jiyugaoka


I love all of the old BMWs in Tokyo…



The Audi TT RS… this machine goes from 0-60 in 3.6 seconds!

Audi TT RS

I ran out to The Garden to pick up a few things…

The Garden in Jiyugaoka

If you like what you saw today, please share it by clicking one of the links below.   Thanks and see you tomorrow!


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