How soon is now?

How soon is now?

How soon is now?

My brother is in Tokyo and I were looking for something for us to do and were surprised to see that Mr. Melancholy himself was in Tokyo…

Morrissey: the legendary frontman of The Smiths.   We were able to get tickets at the door.  I have been listening to Morrissey since high school so it was great to finally see him live.     He was playing at Yebisu Garden Hall which was standing room only.

“I am the son
and the heir
Of a shyness that is criminally vulgar
I am the son and heir
Of nothing in particular

You shut your mouth
How can you say
I go about things the wrong way
I am Human and I need to be loved
Just like everybody else does”

Morrissey live in Tokyo

They were searching everyone going in and I had my Leica M9 and a bag of lenses with me…  The guy initially said “No Cameras allowed”.   Another security guard came over and said to him “No pro cameras allowed, this ‘digicamera’ (meaning point and shoot) is OK,” so off I went…

Morrissey live in Tokyo

Morrissey live in Tokyo

Morrissey live in Tokyo

He played some great songs;

Everyday is like Sunday

Please please please let me get what I want

How soon is now

Shoplifters of the world united

Ouija board

Meat is murder

…just to name a few.   It was very cool to hear him playing The Smiths songs.

Morrissey live in Tokyo

Morrissey live in Tokyo

After the show we went to eat some Yakitori and then grab a few drinks.  We ended up at the same bar as Morrissey’s band somehow!   The Train Bar in Roppongi.

Morrissey live in Tokyo

Great…now I just spent $75 on iTunes completing my Morrissey and Smiths collections…Thanks for stopping by today..


  • Srdjan

    Nice and atmospheric shots. Wish there were concerts like this in Bangkok! :) Cheers!

  • Teena W.

    Wow! Totally jealous. Loved The Smiths.

  • Carlos Ferreira

    There you go, it’s a good thing you never got an expensive camera, huh? 😉 I get the impression I’d be stopped with my Canon 1100D…

  • Wade

    Hi! I went to the concert yesterday and loved it. Just googled it to see blog posts and the like, and I saw this page of your incredible pics. I was going to email you and see if you had any more to show, such as on Flickr, anyway, and then I followed another link to a different page … and saw your profile pic! Cool! You took a pic of me and my friends (two Caucasian guys and a Japanese lady) at the front of the 251 – ~ line yesterday, and at first I was gonna give you a little hell for taking our pic (it seemed at first you were aiming your camera at the “251 – ~ sign, haha), but I told you “Ah, it’s alright.” I was in too good of a mood to give someone hell for taking our pic without asking permission. Anyway, if you have any pics (including the one of us!), I would truly love to see them. Thanks in advance! Please send an email!

  • Laura R

    Dave – I love that last shot. The color is great. Tell us how you got that one – is that with flash? or was there that much light right there?

    Love the blog!

  • Dave

    Hi Wade… I just sent you the photos. Enjoy!

  • Dave

    Thanks Laura…No flash being used just high ISO and a big aperture.

  • Michael Tuuk

    Nice pics, Dave. Too bad you weren’t allowed to take your good camera :-)

  • JP

    Train Bar!!

  • Damon Loomis

    The security guard thinking your Leica was a point & shoot is funny.

  • Dave

    Michael – I know…only if.

  • Dave

    JP – Yup…the band was hanging out.

  • craig griffin

    nice shots. very interesting lighting. if you gotta use a ‘digicam’ guess the leica, one of the world’s best cameras, is the way to go.

    drop in here to phoenix anytime.

    it too is a nice town.

    craig griffin

  • Greyworld

    I have seen Morrissey before, and Johnny Marr at Manchester Vs Cancer years ago, they were fab.

    Good noise free shots

    Did you have to use noise reduction?

  • Dave

    I didn’t use noise reduction… just straight out of the camera.

  • Jeff Stroud


    these are amazing shots, I love the color and texture of each and everyone! Super! keep thinking I need to get a leica !

  • Jim

    I Think my computer is broke. Last shoot tokyo was May 4th? Or.

  • Dave

    Jim – There is a bunch of working going on in the background with ShootTokyo that is taking up my time. I did update My Gear page so check that out…

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