Ilford Pan F 50

Ilford Pan F 50

I arrived in Las Vegas last night.   For people that don’t travel for work really don’t understand how unpleasant it can be.   I went to sleep around midnight and was wide awake at 2:30am.    It is going to be a long painful day…

I got my scanning going again so here are some shots with my first attempt with with Ilford Pan F50.  I like this film.  Nice and clean.

I saw this group in Shibuya advertising for a movie… a very funny way to do it.  I love what I can find randomly in Shibuya.

Today’s configuration: Hasselblad 501cm with a Carl Zeiss Planar 80mm shot on Ilford Pan F 50.



Green Peas…








I just love these Takoyaki stations at the shrines…


This guy was awesome.  I should have stopped him for a portrait…


Girl in Kimono in Asakusa

Thanks for stopping by today…


  1. Great shots (as usual) Dave. I love the look of the film too. Must give it a try when our weather perks up!

  2. Great shots as always, like the “fishicles” as well as the kimono plus fur beauty.
    Feel your pain, we use Tylenol PM for the first two nights in a significant time change situation, works for us to get into local time quicker!!

  3. Dave, I ordered one of your prints on the 4th, standard shipping, it arrived on the 5th!! It was beautifully boxed, the print is amazing. So much more beautiful in person. Really impressive, can’t wait to get it up in my new house…

  4. Can’t think of a better way to advertise for a movie in the year of the Horse. ;)

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