There is a typhoon heading toward’s Tokyo right now…I believe it already hit land in Okinawa.    The sky has been threatening rain all day…with a few down pours.   Danbo took cover…

Today’s Configuration: Leica M9 with a Noctilux 50mm f/.95 with a 1.4x magnifier and 21mm f/1.4.


I wanted to do today’s photos in Black and White with some cool processing I learnt for B&W but these just feel like color photos… cool sticker…

Masked Man

Surprise I had Sushi for lunch…

Red Brick Wall

The view out of my office window…constant threat of rain…

Storm over Tokyo

There is some shifting around happening at work and my office is switching to a different floor…now overlooking Shinjuku Station, Shinjuku Skyscraper and Electronics Districts.    The other window looks down the main drag through Shinjuku…

Storm over Tokyo

More fierce skies…

Storm over Tokyo

Storm over Tokyo

Electronics District in Shinjuku

What a happy sign…

Opening Soon


Parking Garage Mirror in Tokyo


I stopped off at Precce in Nakameguro to pick up some stuff we can’t get at our Jiyugaoka Store…

Preece Nakameugro

Someone must have known I love these as they made me an entire wall of them…

Nakameguro Matusri

Nakameguro Matusri

I stopped off at the post office to put another batch of ShooTokyo T-Shirts in the mail… check them out HERE if you haven’t yet.

Mailing T-Shirts

Mailing T-Shirts

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