The Bake Shop’s 2nd Anniversary Party in Jiyugaoka

The Bake Shop’s 2nd Anniversary Party in Jiyugaoka

My favorite place in Jiyugaoka, simply named ‘The Bake Shop’ had their 2nd Anniversary Party last night.   I was invited to go and decided to photograph the event for them.   I haven’t photographed big events before so it was a good chance to practice manually focusing fast…as people don’t want to stand and pose for you for too long.   I also got a chance to really give my Leica SF-58 flash a run.  I haven’t had a chance to really use it since I got it.   I really love this place so it was nice to get to do this for them.   I am running to the print shop this morning and I am going to print off the photos for them as well and drop them off when I pick up my lunch there today.

If you were there last night and you want any of the photos, please click the contact link above and drop me a mail and let me know the number of the photo that you would like.  You can see the number of the photo by hovering your mouse over it.

昨日は楽しかったですね。パーティーに参加された方で写真が欲しい方は、’contact’ をクリックしてメールを下さい。写真の番号を教えて頂ければ、お送りします。(写真にカーソルをあわせると、写真の上に番号が出ます)

Meet Makoto Asamoto…The king of The Bake Shop…

They had a band…

They had a DJ… with a very cool selection of music…

My favorite photo of the night…

Now onto the party…

What a fun night… If you like what you say today, please share it by clicking one of the icons below…



  1. Looks like tons of fun! The people seems so friendly and warm. And wow, Adhitia Sofyan performed in this shop just recently. He is one great singer from Indonesia. :D By the way, Dave, just out of curiousity; do you speak Japanese?

  2. Looks like a great party, miss performing there already, miss Japan overall, tell everyone i said hi, Happy 2nd Anniversary to Bake Shop! :)

    Cheers from Jakarta,

    Adhitia Sofyan.

  3. Hi, Dave!
    I’m really great happy time at that time.
    your photo mekes me (& everyone) happy .

    to Mr.Adhitia Sofyan.
    How rU?
    i miss you..
    i can’t forget your live in my shop.
    someday plz come & play again!
    Now on play is your songs in BAKESHOP.


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