Last week in Sydney…

Last week in Sydney…

Last week in Sydney I got the chance to get our for a short walk… I held a photowalk on my last trip to Sydney but had such a busy schedule this time I didn’t have time.   I did have a little time to continue with my $10 Head Shots for Charity project.  I shot about 60 head shots and collected $750 for Tabitha Cambodia and with my company’s match that’s $1,500!   That brings the current running total to $14,500.   That money goes a really long way to helping Tabitha.   Thank you to everyone who participated.

Putting aside the fund raising I have met some really cool people in my workplace that I might have never had the opportunity to engage and speak with.  If you are a photographer and are looking to connect with others, raise some money, or both, then this is a great way to do it.

This was hopefully my last business trip of the year so soon I can post my series from this year;  ‘Out my hotel window’.  I am stealing the project idea from my friend Humphrey who also works in IT and travels extensively across Asia Pacific.

This year’s travels brought me from Tokyo to Hong Kong to Beijing to Singapore to Phnom Penh to Singapore to Phnom Penh to Hong Kong to Boston to San Francisco to Sydney to Singapore to San Francisco to Las Vegas and finally this trip to Sydney.   Believe it or not this was actually a slow year for travel for me.

Today’s Configuration: Leica M Monochrom, 50mm Summicron f/2.0, yellow filter

Out my hotel window

I got an email from a colleague who was also in Sydney on business  and heard I was a photographer.   I had a crazy schedule so we decided to meet up at 6:30 AM for a photowalk before starting work.   I was staying in the Central Business District and the streets can get pretty crowded so it was nice to get out and shoot in the early morning empty streets.

Sydney, Australia

Sydney, Australia

Every Apple Store just looks cool…

Apple Store in Sydney, Australia

Sydney, Australia

Mailbox in Sydney, Australia

Sydney, Australia

Sydney, Australia

Meet Nathan… He was sporting a badass Contax 645 shooting film.   Check out his blog for some great film shots.


McDonald's in Sydney

Sydney, Australia

Museum of Contemporary Art in Sydney, Australia

I bet the museum people were pissed the plane crashed into their scaffolding…

Museum of Contemporary Art in Sydney, Australia

Sadly they were not throwing away cameras…  we checked!

Museum of Contemporary Art in Sydney, Australia

The Opera House…

Opera House in Sydney

Sydney, Australia

Sydney, Australia

Left overs…

Sydney, Australia

I was featured in 日本カメラ (Japan Camera) this month in the Tokyo Camera Style section.  If you haven’t checked out the site Tokyo Camera Style you should.   It is awesome!   We were stopped while out shooting for the Bruce Gilden Workshop.

ShootTokyo in Tokyo Camera Style

Happy Thanksgiving to my fellow Americans.

Thanks for stopping by today…


  • David Runacres

    Welcome back to grey and cold Tokyo.

  • Mark

    Happy Thanksgiving Dave! Don’t eat all the butter!

  • Michal

    Hi Dave,

    Great shots as always.

    Any chance you will be making a trip to Melbourne in the new year?

    Happy Thanksgiving.

  • Carlos Ferreira

    Note to self: work hard, make enough money to buy an M Monochrome. Boy, those are good.

    Dave, did you help the museum people with the aeroplane?

  • Dave

    Thanks. Sydney was pretty gray in my honor as well…

  • Dave

    I won’t! I have passed that tradition onto Mayumi to carry out for me…

  • Dave

    Thanks Michal – Currently no plans to Melbourne but a good chance I will make it there next year. I haven’t been to Melbourne in a long time so I hope I make it there.

  • Nathan

    Great perspective and blog post Dave. My favorite shot is definitely the photography trash. It just makes me life every time I see it. Thanks for the fun walk and I hope to do it again when you’re in the states.

  • Lune Froide

    it’s a plaisir to discover your work. Very attractive photos. And your look is very personal.
    Bonne continuation en français dans le texte !
    Best regards

  • Sean

    Amazing site man! Your B&W shots are incredible. I have a question. What do you use to host and manage all of your photos? Do you do it all through WordPress or do you use something like Smugmug or Zenfolio? Cheers.

  • Dave

    Thanks Sean. I host and manage it all through WordPress. Nothing fancy going on in the backend with Smugmug or Zenfolio.

  • Jeramie Jones

    Love the photos, thanks for sharing with us. Also its nice to see someone who takes awesome photos without dragging around 30 pounds of camera equipment, besides prime/manual really is a great way to shoot…Always look forward to reading your articles and look forward to many more.

  • sinologist

    Thanks for the photos. It just asured me one more time that Sydney is not a photogenic place. Nothing to shoot over here.

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