Merry Christmas

Merry Christmas

Happy Holidays to everyone! Whatever you celebrate..I hope you are enjoying time with your loved ones.

Last night I had a very important role to play; providing proof.

Operation: Eat Santa’s cookie

Status: Mission Complete

note: for future reference Santa loves Starbucks white chocolate macadamia nut cookies.

Santa can write in Japanese….well Mrs Klaus can anyways.

This is one of my favorite presents we got my son “Kid Robot Caveman Dunny”. It just makes me laugh…

This is my favorite present I got from my wife… I am trying to study more photographers and no one better than fellow Leica shooter Henri Cartier Bresson.

I am not a huge sweets person but Japanese Short Cake is amazing… You have to try it.

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  • katira

    Lovely pictures, good job playing Santa. Kids are so innocent, my son was very excited about Christmas. Have a great day!

  • Lisa

    Looks like you had a fun Christmas. Are you sure that caveman wasn’t really for you?

  • Mart

    Happy holidays Dave! Looking forward to all the new pics that you’ll share for 2012.

  • kev

    Hi Dave, happy holidays! Enjoy each and everyone of your pics, keep’em coming!

  • Dave

    Lisa – It probably is…shhh.

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