A morning walk in America

A morning walk in America

I went for one final morning walk in America this morning with my mom before heading back to the US tomorrow…

Today’s Configuration: Leica M9 with a Summilux 35mm f/1.4.Morning Walk in America

Morning Walk in America

A hobby project that never became the hobby…

Old rotten boat

Old dirty truck

Firewood on the honor system…

Self Service Fire Wood

American Home

American Yard

American Gas Station

American Power Lines…

American Power Lines

American Flag

Push Button Wait to Walk Signal

American Farm Stand

McDonald's Trash

This is where I worked in High School as a Pizza delivery boy…

Boulevard Pizza


Morning Walk in America



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  • http://www.lucieslondon.blogspot.com Lucie

    Wow, this is quite a change to your usual urban shots. Totally different colours and everything. I like.

  • Jim

    Image above Pizza Shoppe…We see a lot of that. And a lot of that within walking distance to a trash container.

  • Dave

    Jim – It’s sad. I always forgot how clean Tokyo is until I leave there…

  • Dave

    Thanks Lucie… It was a nice change to get to shoot something different for a little while.

  • gordon

    love the sign at franklins farm stand did you catch the colours ie. tomatoes written in red, corn in yellow ect.

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