New Beginnings

New Beginnings

I love waking up early…which can often be a challenge as I also love staying up late.  I love seeing the city come alive.    I love the days that bring you new beginnings and new starts in life.

There is a surreal calm to mega cities like Tokyo when the light begins to hit them but the streets are still relatively empty.   I love not knowing what the day will bring me.    How decisions I have made in the past will impact me today.

I love peaceful calm of a Jiyugaoka morning; the Dalloyau truck delivering the morning supply of fresh baked bread and french pastries, a single taxi sitting in the queue waiting for its’ first customer, the bus patiently waiting for passengers to awake.

The streets are empty except for me…

Jiyugaoka, Tokyo, Japan

I love avoiding the madness that is commuting in Tokyo by riding the trains early…

Jiyugaoka Station

I have no desire in being stuffed in the train…

Jiyugaoka Station

The rush for the train…

Shibuya Station

The calm just as the doors begin to close…

Shibuya Station

Yoyogi Station

Yoyogi Station

It’s like a vacuum….

Jiyugaoka Station

So many choices…

Shinjuku Station

Tokyo Advertising

Fight Japan

McDonald's in Japan

On the train

As far as you can see…

Shinjuku Station

As far as you can see…

Tokyo Sky Tree

As far as you can see…

Tokyo, Japan

Sometimes it is important to just take time in all the madness to sit down with a cup of coffee or tea and soak it all in…

Dave Powell from ShootTokyo

Roppongi Hills

Roppongi Hills…

Roppongi Hills

Thanks for stopping by today…


  • Mark Esguerra

    Very cool post Dave. Seeing it makes me wonder how I could leave there without trying that てりたま at McDonalds. ;-P

  • jimmylaw

    thank u for the wonderful pictures and i do enjoy reading it.

  • antonietta

    Fantastiche queste foto,complimenti!

  • Charles KOH

    Handsome ……… new watch !!!!! cool :)

  • Jim

    Great post, nice tie…Have a great day.

  • Hugo

    Very inspiring post Dave. Thank you. Your blog has officially made it to one of my live tiles on my Windows Phone;) Great stuff.

  • arefti

    I love the panoramic shots of Tokyo. The city just seems to go on forever.

  • Rafael

    Love the images and the text. Pure inspiration!

  • Jim

    What happened to the Black???, But I do like the white too.

  • Kevin

    Great and inspiring post Dave. Just read it in the morning while listening to some Feng Shui music…Almost felt like I was there with you. When I was visiting Tokyo I also loved getting out there in the early morning. It’s great seeing Tokyo coming alive…

  • Dave

    Jim – I am getting some new content ready as I am launching a new ShootTokyo that will be white in a week or so.

  • Dave

    I agree Arefti… my favorite thing about Tokyo.

  • Dave

    Thank You Charles… I love it.

  • James

    Every photo tells a story and I like how it all gels together giving it a sense of serenity and peace.

    And yes..nice looking watch there :)


  • Humphrey

    I like the new look and feel of your blog. It’s clean and eye catching. Great job!

  • Lee Green

    I often get early doors here in Manchester. Not quite the same as Tokyo but still love it

  • Chris

    just wanted to say great site, I’m going nuts with out any pictures hahaha

  • Dodo

    What a great post. I like the way you take the pictures.

  • Dave

    Thanks James… and thanks for noticing the watch. It’s my new toy.

  • Dave

    Thanks Humphrey. This is just prepping for the new site to come next week. I just needed to get it in white to work on some content.

  • WeC

    I’m sure you must have the highest surge in visitors these few days :) yes, the watch is the first thing Bren and I noticed!

  • Dave

    Yes… A couple of new visitors in the past week or so.

  • Michael Tuuk

    Catching up on your blog…have been out of town. I love the pics of (1) the lady in mid-stride running down the platform and (2) the train disappearing in the tunnel two shots below that lady.

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