I went out shooting with my friend Masa on Monday.   We started off by heading to Shibuya to check out the new shopping complex Hikari.  I am always amazed by the size of new complexes in Tokyo.   I love shooting in Shibuya as there is so much going on there is always subject matter in every direction.   We stopped by the International Film Fair as I wanted to order some more yellow filters for my lenses for Black and White shooting.

Today’s configuration: Leica M6J, Portra 400 film, Elmar-m f/2.8, Noctilux 50mm f/0.95 and Summilux f/1.4.   I also shot a roll of TMAX 400 Black and White film that I’ll post up when it is back from the lab. 

Tokyo International Camera Fair

We bumped into my friend Stig

Stig Bjorge

We asked him to join us for our shooting…I have shot this a bunch of times but I really like how it came out on film.

Shibuya Station

Shibuya Station

You can always see guy guys trying to either pick up girls or recruit them to work at a club…

Shibuya Station

Not sure they match…

Shibuya Station

This funny girl was waiting for a friend and made a big sign…

Shibuya Station

I decided to stop a few people for some random street portraits…

Street Portraits in Shibuya

I think this one came out really good…

Street Portraits in Shibuya

Yummy!  Octopus Balls…



Eminem is coming back to Tokyo…  I saw him in Tokyo about 10 years ago and in Boston about 8 years ago.  If you have never seen him he is an amazing performer and puts on a great show.


Hmmm.  Somethings are the same in every country but always with some unique cultural differences…

Sex Shop in Shibuya

After a bit of shooting with headed to Jiyugaoka to a bar Masa likes called ‘Odd Fellows’…

Odd Fellows in Jiyugaoka

It turns out to be very close to my house… and a very cool bar.   It feels more like a hang out of very close friends and people were extremely welcoming.  He said he has been going there for 20 years!

Odd Fellows in Jiyugaoka

Meet Masa…  He was a little late meeting me as he was coming from performing eye surgery.  It sort of puts the pressures of your day into perspective.

Odd Fellows in Jiyugaoka

Me with the new M6J…shot by Stig.

Dave Powell

Dave Powell

Me and Stig…  our friend Pieter also came along and joined us.  What a fun group to hang out with…

Stig Bjorge and Dave Powell

“I drink alone, yeah.  With nobody else.  I drink alone, yeah.”…

I drink alone

I don’t know why but I love taking photos of these signs…

Jiyugaoka Station

I am constantly juggling a million things so I need to make sure when I do things it is as efficient as possible.  I have been on a productivity tear lately trying to get things in my life working as smooth as possible.  I went through and pulled all of the different user names and passwords I use into one application.  I cleaned up and sorted all my Internet Bookmarks so I can find things very quickly and deleted out the ones I don’t need anymore.   I went through and reorganized all of my contacts.  It is amazing how messy those can get.  I still had some people’s pager number!  I put all of the websites I commonly visit and organized by categories in Reeder so I can consume a lot of content very quickly.

I am in the process of reworking my digital workflow to ensure it is as fast and smooth as possible and retains a referenceable structure for finding my images in the future.   I bought a Wacom Tablet a while ago but never got around to learning to use it as I was always too busy to slow down to learn it.   If you haven’t used one before it replaces your mouse and keyboard and you can use it for much faster and more effective image process in addition to a lot of other things.   The center is a map of your screen and you use the pen to move around and click.   You can program all of the buttons on the left depending on what you do.   For example, I have programmed mine to change between the library and develop modules, switch to grid mode, pan, move between images, change brush size, etc.  It really is not that hard to learn.  You just need to slow down for a few days and work out what you want to program and then practice using it.  I can already tell how much faster it will be when working on images and cleaning up dust spots etc which I find myself doing a lot on film shots lately.    I can already tell once I am a litte more fluent my workflow will be extremely fast.   It will just take a little getting used to.

Wacom Tablet

Once I have my final workflow sorted I will be writing it up into an eBook and giving away FREE to subscribers of my newsletter.  Make sure to sign up if you didn’t.    I have just completed my first week of shipments of my new ShootTokyo shirts and was pleasantly surprised by the number of orders.   If you haven’t gotten one yet you can use the promotion code 25%OFF when checking out of the store.  The shirts at a steal at this price.  Thanks for stopping by today…


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