Today is the last day of my 30s and tomorrow I turn 40!    I’m officially an Ojisan.  Who would have thought I would get that old but life continues forward regardless of your opinion in the matter.

The year is coming to an end.   I love this time of year.   Japan shuts down completely for about a week and gives me a lot of much needed downtime at home.

I realized this morning in my recent blog re-design I didn’t leave a way  for people to sign up for my newsletter so I have added a signup on the sidebar.   I shoot out a newsletter about once a month or so with an update of what I am up to and news on ShootTokyo.    You also get a free copy of my eBook when you sign up.    You can also have my posts delivered to your inbox.

A Chindonya (チンドン屋) !  They were a street advertising band in the olden days.

Today’s Configuration: Leica M6-J, Elmar 50mm f/ 2.8, Summilux 35mm f/1.4 and Kodak Portra 100. 

Old Japanese Band

Political posts in Japan…. these ones from the Communist Party of Japan.   The left one says あめりかいいなりもうやめよう!。Stop listening to America!   The middle one says stop all nuclear energy .   A hotly debated topic in the months following the 3.11.2011 Earthquake.  The right one says stop consumption tax.

They seem to just object to things verus proposing anything.   Honestly I really don’t understand politics in Japan.    I am not sure I ever will.

Japanese Communist Party Posters

Japanese Street Sign

A cool old VW… Old VW Bug

An Audi TT RS!   I used to drive a TT and it was fast…  I have previously owned two Audi S4s that were amazingly fast.  I test drove and Audi RS4 and it was amazing but so fast that I didn’t think I could even safely control it on the streets of Tokyo.  I can’t imagine how unbelievably  fast a TT RS must be as the car is so light.

I want to get another S4 again in the future.   That was the best car I ever owned.

Audi TT RS

Me in the mirror

Me in the mirror

I saw this on the side of a truck and thought it was pretty cool…



The cone bullying continues… and so does my reporting of the situation.   This needs to stop!



The cones are continuing to evolve .   Now outfitted with solar powered flashers…


It looks like Doughnut Plant in Jiyugaoka is closing down.  I took one of my favoriate pictures of my wife Mayumi in front of here…

Doughnut Plant

Megami Shop

Japanese Post Truck

Rooftop view

I had lunch the other day at my favoriate News Cafe

News Cafe

News Cafe

She makes more Clam Chowder I have ever eaten…

News Cafe

She had a Christmas Plate for the holidays…  I couldn’t believe how good it was.  I love the food at there.

News Cafe

The ShootTokyo Mobile is fixed and back in action…  Note to self:  No more dragging along poles

Audi A5

Maybe one day…


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