I am wrapping up the end of a long vacation and running a bunch of errands and getting somethings in order.  As I have said many times if you have your camera with you then you don’t need to go out shooting.  I believe it is theses times you will capture your best images.

Today’s configuration:  Leica M6J, Elmar-M 50mm f/2.8, Portra 400…and my iPhone. 

Yamanote Line

The Yamanote Line

I love the train manner signs in Japan.  Some are humorous, some are practical and some highlight social issues in Japan.  Often I see people sitting in the seats reserved for the elderly, handicapped or pregnant pretenting to be asleep while someone who is suppose to have that seat is standing in front of them but they are magically awoken the second the train stops at their stop.

Train Manners

On the Yamanote Line

I needed to update my working visa in Japan so I headed down to the Tokyo Immigration Office.  I showed up with my required paperwork;

1. Passport
2. Alien Registration Card (useful for spaceship parking)
3. Proof of health insurance
4. 2011 Income and Tax Statement
5. Employment Contract
6. Certified Job description from company
7. Marketing literature from company
8. Profit and loss statement from company
9. A copy of the company’s incorporation.
10. Completed forms

I showed my paperwork to the woman downstairs who send me to counter B.   The inspector at counter B reviewed my paperwork and gave me a number and told me to wait until it was called.   Looking at the number I was going to be there a while…

Tokyo Immigration Office

It took about 2 hours I was able to submit my documents.  I’ll get a post card in the mail in a month or so telling me to come back when it is approved.

Tokyo Immigration Bureau

I am thinking of starting a movement “Fashion Forward Street Photography”…. What do you think?    I updated my Google+ Profile with a photo of me in a suit and someone commented that it was against my image of me as a street photographer.  The reality is I am wearing a suit 50% of the time when I am shooting street photography as I shoot it while I am on the go.

Me in the mirror

I think this movement is going to take off!

Formal Street Photography Wear

Train Station
Train Station

A second frozen in time…

Train Station

Getting serious on the Yamanote Line.   When I went to take a picture as the door was about to close this posed very serious.  I think it makes for a funny photo…  He gave me a big smile after.

Serious on the train

I love shooting in Shibuya as I have said many times.  There is just always so much going on.

Shibuya Crossing

I haven’t shot much at night with film.   The color is great on these I think…


Hat Shop in Shibuya


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