Alternative Vacation

I try to view the same places with fresh perspectives to see if I can find anything new about them.   I try to observe the world around me for interesting things.  As a photographer you need to notice what others do not.   Who else noticed the carefully placed cone... read more

Back in Golden Gai

This is the 3rd and final leg is my fantastic night of photography last week.   Here is one and two. I wish every night of photography for me is like this.   I was just having a great time.  Didn’t have a lot on my mind.   Scenes and images just seemed to appear... read more

Yakitori in Shinjuku

Continuing on my trip to Shinjuku with my friend Scott.   We surfaced from the subway and these two kids were sitting in front of McDonald’s eating some fries.     They were fun to shoot. I am really happy with the images from this outing.  Sometimes I am just... read more

En Route Shinjuku

My friend Scott was in town on business this week.   We both have a lot in common; we both love Japan, speak Japanese, have Japanese wives, love photography and even both of our kids are named Kai.  It’s a little freaky to meet someone that has that much in... read more

Around Nakane

I grabbed my new Nikon F3 this morning and loaded it with a roll of Portra 400 and headed out for a walk around Jiyugaoka and Nakane to see what this camera is like.  My initial reaction is it is super easy to use.  Loading film is a breeze, focusing is simple, and I... read more

Nikon F3 HP

One camera I have been looking to add to my collection is the Nikon F3 HP.   I have been looking around and finally saw one come up for sales online.  It was very reasonable for $420 with a 50mm f/1.4 and a 24mm f/2.8.  This has many more buttons than I was used to.... read more