Land of the Rising Cone

My favorite post on ShootTokyo is my ‘Speaking as the World’s Foremost Authority‘ on the Excessive Use of Cones where I talk about cultural observations in how traffic cones are excessively deployed throughout Tokyo.  If you follow my Instagram... read more

Foggy San Francisco

Nothing like a red eye to the states to wake you up.  The worst thing you can do is go to sleep as you will never get adjusted to the time zone.   Typically I get up and go right away.  This is what I did when I woke up in Foggy San Francisco off my red eye flight... read more

Heading to San Francisco

I am at Nartia and heading to San Francisco.   My travel comes in spirts and it’s been more than a month since I traveled.   I grabbed The Friendly Bus from the Westin.  People always think I am kidding when I say I am taking ‘The Friendly Bus’.... read more

Within a day

I find it interesting when I review my photos and see what I am able to see within a day as I go around Tokyo. I don’t think I’ll ever take for granted how great of a city I live in. There are constantly scenes for me to photography and for that I am... read more

So Tired

It has been a long few months at work and my team has been working really hard.    Last night I rented out the famous and trendy bar ‘So Tired’ in Marunochi (near Ginza) and hosted a Happy Hour for my team and their friends.   It was a blend of a Thank... read more

Some Mamiya 645 Shots

I was going through my ‘working’ folder in Lightroom and found some Mamiya 645 shots from a walk I took during a walk in Jiyugaoka and Shibuya.   I actually have a bunch of shots in there from my last trip to San Francisco, a series on cones and a shots I... read more

Restoring Memories

I went with a team from work to volunteer and help with restoring memories for some people who need it. We went to a beach town called Chigaseki about an hour from Tokyo. I’m sure many of you have the exact same question I had when I first emerged from the... read more

The Contax T3

I have been thinking for a while about picking up a compact film camera.   This is a cool little film camera. While my Leica is very small I sometimes just want a point and shoot and this was a great choice.   I can see myself starting to collect compacts.  I decided... read more

Shibuya on Ilford 3200

A few week’s ago I met up with my friend Humphrey who was in town on business from Hong Kong.  We decided to meet up in Shibuya and check out the camera show that was going on.   I love checking these out.   All of the camera shops in Japan bring out some of... read more

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