Flashing Tokyo: Week 2

I am continuing flashing Tokyoites with a deadpan look on their face…  I am getting the hang of this and really getting a feel for which backgrounds work well with this.  I really like how the images are coming out. Meet Frederique… Today’s Configuration:... read more

Flashing Tokyo: Week 1

I have been carrying my Leica M Monochrom 28mm lens and my small Leica flash for the past week. My shots while out on the street didn’t come out that great but I also didn’t really try that hard.  I mostly spent my time shooting people.  I think I am... read more

Flashing February

I picked up the Leica SF 24D Flash a few years ago but I haven’t used it much.  I mostly use my larger Leica SF-58 Flash which I am pretty comfortable with but it isn’t very practical or very ergonomic to shoot with.    I want to get better with the SF 24D... read more

Matthew’s Birthday

Saturday was my friend Matthew’s birthday so on Saturday night I headed out to Devil Craft in Hamamatsucho.   This place has great craft beer and deep dish pizza.   I was actually surprised how good it was.   I wanted to be a bit lazy so I bolted my small flash... read more

Why did you unfriend me?

I recently just did a big clean up and separating of my social media accounts. I have had a few people ask me this week ‘Why did you unfriend me?’ so I thought I would take a moment and explain what I did. My personal Facebook become full of people that I... read more

Dublin and London

What a long few weeks of travel to Dublin and London.   My year is starting fast with upcoming trips to San Francisco, Mumbai, Seoul, Singapore, Bangkok and Los Angeles.   I always hope my travel will slow down but it never seems that way. I finished the book American... read more


It has been a long week in Dublin.  I arrived on early Wednesday midday.  I did really well with jetlag until yesterday.  I went out shooting around London and stopped by my hotel late afternoon to freshen up and relax before dinner.  I ended up falling asleep around... read more


I landed in Dublin yesterday and was able to make it through the day without crashing.   The trick to getting over jet lag is not going to sleep when you get there.  I typically try to stay up until 10 or 11PM on the first night.   I ended up falling asleep around... read more

Frankfurt Airport 5AM

My 12 hour flight from Tokyo went very smoothly.   I boarded the flight and like clockwork I was fast asleep before the door even shut.   I slept 9 hours straight.   That is longer than I sleep any night of the week.  I was able to get about half way through my... read more

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