Goshikinuma Lake

So I have reached final post in my ShootFukushima series.    This was a great trip and I really enjoyed learning about the area.  I’ll have a video coming in the next few days. I’m glad I have been posting all of these up over the past few weeks.  It gave... read more

Kitakata Sake Brewery

The next stop was to Kitakata Sake Brewery.   I love Japanese Sake.  Its one of the really good things about Japan.  As we approached the brewery I saw this older man filling water bottles from the stream out from.  I asked him why it was doing that.   Apparently the... read more

Tea and Crafts

After getting our fill of cats we headed over for some green tea and crafts.   We were speaking about the difference between Japan and other countries.  One of the things that really strikes me about Japan is how people focus on one thing looking for perfection.   At... read more

Neko Jinja

After lunch we headed over to check out this little shop nearby that has a Neko Jinja (Cat Shrine) on the second floor… Today’s Configuration: Leica M9-P with a Summilux 21mm f/1.4 and a Ricoh GR The crew… The Neko Jinja is an entire replicate of a... read more

The Kanji Master

After a great bowl of Ramen in Kitakata I stopped off to visit a Kanji Master and have him draw my son’s kanji.   I haven never been to a Kanji Master before so I didn’t know what to expect… Today’s Configuration: Leica M9-P with a Nocitlux... read more

Kitakata Ramen

The next leg in my trip in Fukushima was to Kitakata.   It is very famous for their Ramen that you can get any time of the day or night.   There are over 120 shops in this small town serving ramen so of course we needed to stop and have some ramen for lunch!... read more

The White Tigers Corps

The next leg in my Fukushima trip was to Iimori Hill in Aizuwakamatsu.   This hill overlooks the city and Tsuragajo Castle can been seen off in the distance.   During the Boshin War (the civil war between the Tokugawa Shogunate and those seeking to return political... read more

Tsuragajo Castle

I got back last night from Fukushima.   I haven’t gotten a chance to drive my new S5 all that much so it was nice to have a nice 600km trip to get my car out on the open road and stretch it’s legs a little bit.  Fukushima is about 260km or so from my house... read more

Ouchijuku with NHK

I am spending 3 days in Fukushima trying to capture of beauty of this part of Japan.   This region has suffered a lot since the Magnitude 9.0 earthquake of 2011 triggered a tsunami that killed 16,000+ people and triggered a nuclear disaster and I wanted to share a bit... read more

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