Paper Pool

A few more shots from my Sunday of shooting with Rocco.   As I said it was really nice to get out and shoot.   I need to make sure I continue to do more of that.    Sometimes I just don’t have enough hours in my day. Below is a headshot I took of Rocco.  ... read more

A day in Tokyo

When I got back from Jakarta last week I just crashed.  I took off a few days and didn’t do much of anything.  I had big ambitions to do a few blog posts and shoot a few videos but I ended up doing basically nothing.   I was really tired after all of my travel.... read more

Exploring Jakarta

I finally had my first day off in a while today.  All of my travel and work has eaten up a lot of my weekends late.   I’m looking forward to a few days off when I get back to Tokyo. One of my readers of ShootTokyo Wiama and his friend Astrid kindly offered to... read more

Leaving Bangkok

A short but busy trip I’m leaving Bangkok en route Jakarta.  I haven’t been to Jakarta before so excited to see somewhere new.   I really hope I have time to get out and shoot a bit of Jakarta. I tried to get out a second night for photography but the... read more

A short walk in Bangkok

After a short flight (well 5 hours seems short lately) I settled into my hotel and decided to go for a short walk in Bangkok while it was still light out.   I haven’t been to Thailand for about 3 years.   It is nice to be back and see how the city has changed.... read more

Nakameguro Festival

In my overly busy schedule lately I was able to get out for a few hours so I headed to Nakameguro.  Luckily there as a festival underway.   I actually attended the same festival at the end of a photowalk a few years ago. I have been running non-stop lately.   I just... read more

The Sony A7s

Last week I finally got the Sony A7s for shooting video.  I posted my first video on my ShootTokyo YouTube Channel.  It isn’t perfect but it wasn’t meant to be.  I am going to learn to shoot video and share it (mistakes and all) on YouTube Channel so feel... read more

Failure is not an option

I recently picked up the Sony A7S as I want to start experimenting with video.  It is a very cool camera.  I’ll post up a series of photos soon.   For now I am playing with video.  I was debating internally if I should go and shoot a bunch of video become very... read more

Meeting Ami Yamato

In this day and age there are a lot of people that you know from online that you haven’t met in real life.   It is just the way the world works and is so interconnected now.  I was so excited this week to bump into one of my favorite people from the web –... read more

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