Where to ShootTokyo

The ultimate guide for photographers to this amazing city.

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Why ShootFilm?

This is a question I get asked a lot. Film is expensive. It is slow to process. It is time consuming to process.

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The ShootTokyo Portfolio

Big, Bold, Beautiful: a collection of my favorite images for you to view and available as cards and prints.


The ShootTokyo Blog

Established in 2010 out of the need for better work/life balance and has become an obsession for me.   The combination of my love for photography coupled with my frequent travels and bias for technology made a blog a logical and rewarding hobby for me.  Read about my trips around Japan, Asia and the world.  Feel free to watch from the sidelines or engage with some comments.

ShootTokyo Photography Blog

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My Gear

There are no right and wrong answers.   The only thing that matters is what works for you.   A mix of film and digital rangefinder and medium format cameras work for me…


ShootTokyo Magazine

Beautifully curated photography news from around the web complied into a magazine.


ShootTokyo Prints

I have created beautiful prints of my favorite images.  They are professionally printed and available for shipping world wide.

ShootTokyo Prints
ShootTokyo Taxi Print

The ShootTokyo T-Shirt Series

I have created ShootTokyo T-Shirts for my friends here on ShootTokyo and for lovers of Photography and Japan.



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