Photobook Shelf

To take great photographs you need to know what makes a good photograph.  One of the best ways to study photography is to spend time looking at images from great photographers.   I have been slowing building a collection of photography books, mostly through gifts from my loving wife.  I gave her a list a few years ago of photographers I wanted to study so she always buys me a book from the list whenever there is an occasion where we would exchange gifts.   I am impossible to buy for as I typically buy something if I want it and I am not a big collector of things outside of photography equipment.   This approach reduces gift buying stress for my wife and ensures I always get something I love.   It works really well for us.  I highly recommend this approach…

My photobook shelf:

Jay Maisel’s New York

I actually have two copies of this.  I got one prior to taking Jay Maisel’s workshop and then he gave me another copy at the workshop.

Jay Maisel's New York

A tribute by Jay Maisel

A Tribute by Jay Maisel

Bearing Witness by Jay Maisel

This is an unreleased book from Jay Maisel.   Jay made 20 copies of a 1st printing and I convinced him to sell me at copy when I was with him in NYC.    Jay shot this book in the days after 9-11.   He stood with his back to the barricade photographing the faces of people stopping to view what remained of the World Trade Center.   He also posted most of the images from Bearing Witness on this blog.

Bearing Witness by Jay Maisel

Tokyo by Magnum Photographers

Tokyo as seen by Magnum Photographers

Hope by Herbie Yamaguchi

Hope by Herbie Yamaguchi

London by Herbie Yamaguchi

Herbie Yamaguchi - Chasing the Dream

Europeans by Henri Carter-Bresson

Henri Cartier-Bresson EuropeansLandscape by by Henri Carter-Bresson
Henri Cartier- Bresson Landscape

Duane Michaels – The house I once called home

The house I once called home by Dueane Michaels

Irwing Penn – Still Life

Still Life by Irving Penn

Self Portraits by Lee Friedlander

Lee Friedlander: Self Portrait

Lee Friedlander – The museum of modern artFriedlander - The museum of modern art

Uncommon Places by Stephen Shore

Uncommon Places by Stephen Shore