Rainy Monday

Rainy Monday

I think I am going to have a lot of ‘rainy’ titles in my titles for the next few months.   Rainy Season in Tokyo is officially June 8th to July 20th but it seems to be coming a little early this year.   It rained Sunday, Monday and is forecasting to rain 8 out of the next 10 days.


Today’s Configuration: Leica M9 with a Noctilux 50mm f/0.95 with ND64 with a 1.4x magnifier.   I also shot my Canon 5DMKII with a 24-70 f/2.8.

今日のカメラ:私のライカM9をつかいます。レンズはNoctilux 50mm f/0.95とND64をつかいました。私のCanon5DMKIIもつかいました。レンズは24-70f/2.8をつかいました。

It wasn’t raining when I left for work so I decided to leave the car and take the train.  I will be driving to work through most of the rainy season so I need to get my shooting in when I can get it.   The shot below is taken with my Leica M9.


Dave's Audi S4

This evening when I got home I too another shot with my Canon 5D.   It is interesting to see the subtle yet distinctive signatures of each camera and lens.

Dave's Audi S4

Here is a side by side view.   The Leica shot is on the left and the Canon shot is on the right.   I love the tones in the Leica shot and the natural vignette.   Both cameras are great and have their uses.


Dave's Audi S4

Mobile Health Check Centers…   You can see these all over Tokyo parked in front of office buildings in the spring as everyone get’s their yearly health check.

Mobile Heath Check

Usually this seat is just full of sleeping or drunken salary men…

Reserved Train Seating


No Parties

Shibuya Station…


Yamanote Line

Yoyogi Station…


Yoyogi Station

I like Tully’s… I wish thee were more of them in Tokyo…


Tully's Coffee

No bikes or motorcycles… submarines OK.

No Parking

Tokyo getting cloudy early…


Rainy Tokyo

By late afternoon it was pouring…


Rainy Tokyo

Japan saving electricity.

Shinjuku Station

Shinjuku Station

Rainy Shibuya…


Rainy Shibuya Station

Rainy Shibuya Station

Rainy Shibuya Station

I had to run a quick errand when I got home so I threw my Canon 5D over my shoulder.   The one great thing about my 5D is I can be out shooting with my camera dripping wet and no issues.   I tried one of my favorite shots to do this time with my Canon.


Here is was the other day taken with my Leica M9.


Here are the shots side by side….Canon 5D @2.8 on the left and Leica M9 @0.95 on the right.


Rainy Nakameguro



Rainy Yutenji

Rainy Yutenji

Rainy Yutenji

Rainy Yutenji

Japanese Word of the Day: つゆ tsuyu – rainy season



This year’s rainy season has started.

Hopefully you like what you saw today, so if you did, please feel free to share with your friends by clicking one of the links below.     Thanks.   See you tomorrow!


  • http://flickr.com/jp_starlip Josh

    loving the rain photos. i recently just got a pentax k-5 which is weather-sealed. i don’t have any WR lenses for it yet, but after looking at your photos, i think i should. i’d love to be able to just shoot in the rain without worrying about an umbrella or shelter.

  • Riza

    I love the juxtaposition of old and new in Japanese architecture.

  • http://www.facesoflondon.co.uk Marco Fiori

    I’ve been back and these photos are making me miss Tokyo so much! Sorry it’s raining so much!

  • http://eileenfrancis.com Eileen

    Really enjoyed this post (as always) and the comparisons. I took a photo this weekend in a bit of a scramble (had just launched a canoe, had to pull camera out of the dry bag, and try to catch the lead swimmer in an open water event that we came upon by complete accident). A few minutes later I realized I’d likely underexposed the shots. When I downloaded the images today, I really liked one – and the thought occurred to me that it reminded me of your photos, kind of moody. A totally different setting, but similar feel. A happy accident for sure!

  • http://web.me.com/matthew_lamb matthew l.

    odd. but the canon images seem to pop more in the comparison. particularly the one of the nakameguro sign. which seems a bit odd. is the nd filter on the leica and if so have you noticed any image degradation while using it?

  • Dave

    Hi Matthew – Only degradation on the photographer… I think the canon one is a little sharper in the Nakameguro shot. The Canon ones are at f/2.8 vs. f/0.95 so you have a lot more in focus as well. I think I will start bracketing my aperture for a while to figure out what works best for each shot. There is definitely a different mood in the shot between Leica and Canon.

  • Dave

    Eileen – That is a very cool shot…

  • Rafael.

    Congratulations for doing this awesome job one more time.
    It’s incredible how you can show Tokyo for another view.
    Therefore I shared this post at my facebook to support you, ok?

  • Dave

    Thanks Rafael – Of course you can share on Facebook. Please feel free…

  • Jeff

    I wish there were more Tullys too. Perhaps using the 5D during the rainy season will give you the opportunity to appreciate the M9 even more.

  • Greg

    “Mobile Health Check Centers… You can see these all over Tokyo parked in front of office buildings in the spring as everyone gets their yearly health check.”

    And people wonder why the Japanese live longer. You never see this in America. It’s too bad.

  • Scott

    Interesting that most of the umbrellas are clear and see through. Is this simply so people don’t bump into each other? Or a fashion thing?

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