Rainy Shibuya

Rainy Shibuya

I ran out quickly this afternoon to get a haircut and do a little shooting in Shibuya…


Today’s Configuration: Leica M9 with a Noctilux 50mm f/0.95 with ND64 (yeah baby!) with a 1.4x magnifier.

今日のカメラ:私のライカM9をつかいます。レンズはNoctilux 50mm f/0.95とND4をつかいました。

Nakameguro, Tokyo, Japan

Girl on a moped in Nakameguro, Tokyo, Japan

Stopped by Gooz for a coffee…


Gooz in Nakameguro, Tokyo, Japan

I love these signs.   It basically tells children if they have a problem they can go to this house.

PIpo-chan Tokyo Police Sign

Old Coca Cola bench

Statue in Shibuya, Tokyo, Japan

Taxi in Shibuya, Tokyo, Japan

Lady Gaga Poster in Shibuya, Tokyo, Japan

I was only out for about 5 minutes before the rain starting pouring down…  Leica’s are not weather proofed so I ducked for some quick cover…

すごい! たくさん雨がふりました。

Rainy Shibuya Crossing

Rainy Shibuya Crossing

I never noticed but the shopping under Shibuya Station is ‘dog friendly’…

JR Dog's OK

Conserve Power

Japan really does have $100 melons…actually at today’s exchange rate the ones on the right are $187 dollars.

10,000円 マスクメロンです。。。

$100 Fruit in Tokyo

Fish for sale in Tokyo, Japan

Rain delay…

Rainy Hachiko, Shibuya, Tokyo, Japan

Rainy Hachiko, Shibuya, Tokyo, Japan

Rainy Hachiko, Shibuya, Tokyo, Japan

Rainy Hachiko, Shibuya, Tokyo, Japan

Rainy Shibuya Crossing

Rainy Shibuya Crossing

My trusty barber… now I just need to make the dash across the street…

Barber Shop in Shibuya, Tokyo, Japan

Japanese Word of the Day: 雨(あめ)ame – rain



It rained today.


  • http://www.facesoflondon.co.uk Marco Fiori

    Awesome shots! Rain adds such an interesting effect to photos. The coke bench is particularly awesome.

  • Dave

    Hi Marco – i love shooting in the rain. I wish my Leica had weather proofing. If I had my Canon with me I would have been standing in the middle of the raining shooting people as they ducked for cover.

  • http://www.jeff-yip.com Jeff Y

    The reflections from shooting in the rain is so cool.

  • Jim

    Shame that there isn’t a ‘Skin” for the Leica. Thanks for the Great Pic’s

  • http://www.halinav.com/blog Galina

    statue with nipple showing – US would rate this blog entry as a Mature Audience :)

  • Dave

    Jeff – Reflections are one of my favorite things about shooting in the rain.

  • http://saberkite.com Kat

    Wow. Look at that rain. It’s been raining quite randomly here too. Sometimes it helps relieve the hot weather.

  • Simon

    Nice photos as usual.

    I have noticed though that some of your photos (e.g. photos 1 and 4) seem to lack in focus areas since you have been using the ND64 filter. Not sure if it’s due to the razor thin DOF at f0.95 or due to the shutter speed getting too slow for handheld photography with the ND Filter attached.

  • Dave

    Hi Simon – I noticed the same thing. I think it was due to the razor thin DOF. I was focusing and then repositioning the camera, so you need to actually not focusing exactly so when you frame the shot it is focused. A bit tricky. Hopefully I did a little better today…

  • http://www.lillyschwartz.com Lilly Schwartz

    Hey Dave, my Canon didn’t seem very weatherproof to me either, so my way of shooting in the rain was to make a hole in a plastic bag wide enough for the lens. The back would be through the normal opening of the bag. It’s certainly not pretty, but it keeps the camera quite dry apart from the occasional droplets. I have to say though that I don’t like getting soaked myself, so unless I can somehow manage the camera with my umbrella balanced over my shoulder I just keep the rain shots to a bare minimum – under a roof type thing or automatic from the hip. Today I wanted to shoot with my Zorki, but the rain sabotaged me as well … the weather this year is just stupid.

    By the way, if you don’t mind looking like a total dork you can always get a handsfree umbrella 😉 I know, I know, I wouldn’t go there either …!

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