Random Saturday

Random Saturday

I am enjoying my blog in Japanese as well as English.  I am glad I have something that reinvigorated my Japanese Study.  I picked up a couple of good study tools this week focused on reading and listening skills.  I am going to take the official Japanese Language Proficiency Exam on December 4th.  I think I will take level N3 but haven’t decided which level for sure.   If anyone else is studying along on this site I would love to hear from you, drop me a line.    Also if you are a native Japanese speaker, please feel free to drop me a mail to correct any mistakes you see in my Japanese.

Today is Random Saturday, as I was cleaning up my Lightroom a bit today and had a lot of photos still to post… starting with The Star Lounge in Shibuya.


Today’s configuration: Today I shot my Leica M9 and I shot all of my lens: Summilux 21mm f/1.4, Summilux 35mm f/1.4, Noctilux 50mm f/0.95.  I also shot my Canon 5DMKII with a 24-70 f/2.8.


Star Lounge in Shibuya Tokyo, Japan

I pass this bike all of the time in Shinjuku…


Green bike in Shinjuku, Tokyo, Japan

My S4…


My Audi S4タクシーで。。。

Bokeh out my taxi window

I have a business trip to Hong Kong next week, starting on Tuesday.   Last time I went to Kong Kong I ate at Ruth Chris.  God I love this place.   Steak dipped in butter…it doesn’t get much better.    I usually skip lunch the day of and breakfast the day after to fit this all in.


Ruth Chris Steak House in Hong Kong

Ruth Chris Steak House in Hong Kong

A band in front of Shibuya Station.


Bands outside train stations in Tokyo

I love Dean and Deluca sometimes… it makes me think of New York City.  I use to go there a lot when I worked in the city.

Dean and Deluca in Japan



Hachiko in Shibuya, Tokyo, Japan

Free Hachiko!

Free Hachiko



7-11 and Amazon.com Danbo

I love this message…

Hair Salon

Lotus in Jingumae…. yummy.


Lotus in Omotesando

Lotus in Omotesando

Lotus in Omotesando

Lotus in Omotesando

Lotus in Omotesando

Lotus in Omotesando


Taxi bokeh…


Taxi stand in front of GT Square in Nakameguro

No respect…

No Respect for Bike Parking in Nakameguro

1,000 Yen Cut…but they were closed.


1,000 Yen Haircut in Nakameguro

Dog Hotel and Trimming Studio in Nakameguro

So was this place…


Dog Hotel and Trimming Studio in Nakameguro

x marks the spot

I finally went to a salon…as my hair was getting long (relatively speaking)

Hair Salon in Nakameguro

Hair Salon in Nakameguro

Hair Salon in Nakameguro

Hair Salon in Nakameguro

Hair Salon in Nakameguro



Mega Mac in Japan

I care about myself….so I went for Sushi.


Sushi in Shinjuku

Sushi in Shinjuku

..and a starbucks coffee with low fat milk (my favorite).


Starbucks Coffee in Shinjuku

I noticed out my window that they were washing the building…

Building Washing in Tokyo

First Kitchen in Tokyo

Stopped by MAP camera for a browse…

Leica Sale

Leica Sale

Mayumi, Kai and I went to the park this morning to play…  We found a butterfly on the way.    Kai loves butterflies so we spend some time…

今朝私は真由美ちゃんと海ちゃんとこうえんに行きました。 ちょうちょをみました。 海ちゃんはちょうちょがすきです。

Butterfly in Nakameguro

Japanese Word of the Day: 前回(ぜんかい)zenkai – previous time, last time, previous session



The last time I ate at McDonald’s I felt sick.

I was playing around tonight with the slide show feature on my blog so enjoy…


  • http://traveljapanblog.com/wordpress Al

    The slide show feature on your blog is fine for those looking at it on shoottokyo.com, but in a reader it means all of the photos show up twice.

  • Greg

    I was fully on-board with hm-glamour’s mission statement up until the part about Fur.

  • Dave

    Not sure I follow Greg…can you give a little more context?

  • Suzanne

    I love the picture of the flower in the mirror!

    Also, I am wondering, why do all the car license plates seem to say Shinagawa on them? Or, am I reading it wrong? Just curious.

  • Greg

    “At hm-glamour, our concept for hair is,
    Easy finger-styling,
    airy bounce and flow,”

    Ok, I can get behind that….

    “and Fur.”


    I think it says Fun, but in the picture it looks like Fur. Which is still plausible, I guess. It is hair they’re talking about.

  • Dave

    Hi Suzanne – You are reading it correctly. It is based on where the “DMV” that issued the plate is based. Most of the cars in Tokyo are issued in Shinagawa.

  • joanlvh

    I just found you blog about a month ago and really enjoy it, I wonder if a larger percentage of people in Japan shoot Leica than in the US?

  • Dave

    Hi Joanlvh – I am not sure in terms of percent but there are a lot of Leica Shooters in Tokyo, as well as other major cities around the world.

  • aina

    The Picture of Hachiko remind me of that movie….a very loyal dog……waiting for his master at the train station………

  • Dave

    Hi Aina. I haven’t seen the movie. It is any good?

  • http://celesta.smugmug.com Celesta

    I also study for JLPT to take the exam in December 2011. I cannot figure it yet if I should do JLPT 3 or 4 – tough to understand the expectations. I pass JLPT 4 vocabulary tests at 80%, but cannot find similar tests for JLPT 3 to try my skills.
    What resources do you use?

  • http://celesta.smugmug.com Celesta

    I also study for JLPT in this December. Not sure yet if I will do JLPT 3 or 4 – it is difficult to interprete the expectations. I pass JLPT 4 vocabulary tests at 80%, but cannot find similar tests for JLPT 3, so I do not know how my skills fit JLPT 3.
    What resources do you use?

  • Aina

    Hi Dave…the movie moved my heart to see how loyal hachi was…even dog will do anything for someone they love…I wish I can be there someday…u should watch that movie too…

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