My business trip will keep me over the weekend so I get a San Francisco Weekend.  It is great to get a chance to explore San Francisco as I haven’t been here since I was 18.    One of my colleagues and her friend joined me for a few hours on Friday for a little shooting.

…this person does not sound happy!

Street Graffiti

Vacancy Sign

This is becoming a global problem…

No Parking

Smoking on the street

…”In the UK…”  (Sex Pistols reference for those of you who don’t listen to great music)


A very cool dog…

Cool dog

Old Chevy Truck

Meet May…she was kind enough to show me around.   It’s a really small world as we know many of the same people in the industry.

May Wong

No Parking

Street Art in San Francisco

Street Art in San Francisco

May Wong

Meet May’s friend Diane…





I was giving May some tips on shooting people.  First with this store clerk…

Shop Owner

Then with Diane…






American Flag

Baby Superheros…

Super Heros

We checked out some of the street graffiti in the Mission… a very cool place.

Street Graffiti in San Francisco

Street Graffiti in San Francisco

Street Graffiti in San Francisco

I love this…

Street Graffiti in San Francisco

Street Graffiti in San Francisco

Hang in the hood with my homies…

Hanging in the hood

Me in the mirror… “Lunch Truck Style”

Me in the mirror - Lunch Truck styel

Fetal Kitten Soup…. yummy.


Out my hotel window…

Out my hotel window

USA bokeh…

USA Bokeh

Bus in San Francisco

Street Corner in San Francisco

Random opera singer…

Random Opera Singer

Cool Scamp…I want to have a old car one day.

Old Chevy

Store Window


Getting ready for PRIDE weekend…



I checked out Haight Ashbury with my friend Kevin…me in the mirror ‘Hippy Style’…

Haight Ashbury

..and me in the mirror moped style.

Me in the mirror - moped style

We found a cool Jazz Club open during the day and went in for a few ‘shots’…

Jazz Band

Jazz Band

Jazz Band

Jazz Band

…Thank You Ma’am


Street Art

Now how cool is this… a baby stroller converted into a giant bubble machine…

Bubble Machine

Bubble Machine

Fight the power…  (Public Enemy reference for those of you that don’t listen to cool music)

Skate or die

Vintage Attire

Haight Ashbury

Store window on Haight Ashbury

There are some cool dogs in San Francisco…

Cool dog

Like I do in every city…I rented a helicopter to get a aerial view.  Not really…

San Francisco from above

San Francisco from above

Yummy DinoBurgers…

Yummy Cheese Burgers in San Francisco

What a nice San Francisco Weekend.   Check back for some more shots from the PRIDE parade.    Dave might have gotten himself a Media Pass.  Thanks for stopping by today…