I have been shooting a lot of film lately and spent today writing up 3 posts from my recent film shooting.    It is a lot of work but slows me down and I am loving the results.

There was another Matsuri in Jiyugaoka a few weeks ago that filled the streets so I decided to hit the streets with my camera and see what I could capture .

Today’s configuration:  Leica M6-J, Kodak TMAX 400 with 28mm Summicron f/2.0.

Jiyugaoka Matsuri

Jiyugaoka Matsuri

Jiyugaoka Matsuri

I found a giant rabbit!

Jiyugaoka Matsuri

My daily commute…

 Jiyugaoka Station

I try to get on the train by 7AM but even when I do it is crowded.   It is unbearable by 8:30AM.

On the train in Tokyo

Roppongi Station…   I always pass groups of young kids going to school.   I couldn’t have imaged taking a train myself at that age.

Roppongi Station

My daily escalator ride…

Roppongi Hills

Avoid the 30 foot high spider…

Roppongi Hills

My office tower…

Roppongi Hills

A very cool BMW concept car…

BMW Ad in Tokyo

Jiyugaoka Station

I met up with my friend David and we headed off to Yanaka for some shooting…

David Runacres

Shibuya Station

Nippori Station…

Nippori Station


Waiting at Yanaka Station

Welcome to Yanaka


Thanks for stopping by today….  Check back to see what I was able to capture when I got my hands on a roll of the impossible to find Astia!