Shooting Film: Kodak TMAX 400

Shooting Film: Kodak TMAX 400

I have been shooting a lot of film lately and spent today writing up 3 posts from my recent film shooting.    It is a lot of work but slows me down and I am loving the results.

There was another Matsuri in Jiyugaoka a few weeks ago that filled the streets so I decided to hit the streets with my camera and see what I could capture .

Today’s configuration:  Leica M6-J, Kodak TMAX 400 with 28mm Summicron f/2.0.

Jiyugaoka Matsuri

Jiyugaoka Matsuri

Jiyugaoka Matsuri

I found a giant rabbit!

Jiyugaoka Matsuri

My daily commute…

 Jiyugaoka Station

I try to get on the train by 7AM but even when I do it is crowded.   It is unbearable by 8:30AM.

On the train in Tokyo

Roppongi Station…   I always pass groups of young kids going to school.   I couldn’t have imaged taking a train myself at that age.

Roppongi Station

My daily escalator ride…

Roppongi Hills

Avoid the 30 foot high spider…

Roppongi Hills

My office tower…

Roppongi Hills

A very cool BMW concept car…

BMW Ad in Tokyo

Jiyugaoka Station

I met up with my friend David and we headed off to Yanaka for some shooting…

David Runacres

Shibuya Station

Nippori Station…

Nippori Station


Waiting at Yanaka Station

Welcome to Yanaka


Thanks for stopping by today….  Check back to see what I was able to capture when I got my hands on a roll of the impossible to find Astia!


  • Jen Xi

    I really love how this film comes out. Lots of interesting sights on your daily commute to work. I need to be more observant or force my mind to be detached from what it sees as a routine. When I changed to my current route to travel to work, I shot a couple of interesting photos but since then I’ve hardly found a compelling scene to shoot.

  • John Hall

    Best set yet, really nice.

  • Andrew M

    Absolutely great use of the 28 mm! The shot of the gentlemen in Nippori station is great. Well done. What was your strike rate on film (if you don’t mind me asking)?

  • Dave

    Thanks Jen. Force yourself to take a shot each day on your commute. Soon you will learn to see what you are missing…

  • Dave

    Thanks John. I liked this set as well.

  • Dave

    Thanks Andrew. My strike rate is pretty good. This post was from one roll. I posted 17 shots and had another 13 family photos that I didn’t post so on a roll of 36 I had 30 keepers. I am pretty slow when I am shooting film.

  • Kurt

    Said it before and I’ll say it again, your b&w stuff is the best!! The guy in front of the ticket gates look likes it belongs in Time magazine or something like that!!

  • Gabriel Liendo

    Love love all these shots. Also confirms that I’m a digital baby haha.

  • Dave

    Thanks Kurt! I like that shot a lot…

  • Arefti

    I love the crowd scenes – and the rich B&W tones are amazing.

  • Kevin

    Love the ticket gate shot. I agree with Kurt. It looks like a magazine cover shot!

  • Benjamin B

    Gotta ask how you developed and scanned the film? It has a certain grittyness to it, I’m curious how you got it. Thanks.

  • Tracy

    Did you push the film to 1600? I recently purchased an M6 can’t wait to get my film back from the lab. Nice shots by the way.

  • Andrew M

    That’s fantastic! Will you be doing a 28 shots of the 28 mm soon? :-)

  • Alice and Mark

    Love the black and white
    …the beamer concept car isn not bad, either!

  • Dave

    Thanks Mark and Alice. I liked that car…

  • Dave

    Good idea Andrew. I haven’t thought of that but yes…

  • Dave

    Tracy – No this was just shot at 400. Congratulations on your M6…

  • Dave

    Benjamin – I just used my local lab. Normal process…nothing special done to the pictures. I always found TMAX 400 a bit grainy.

  • Dave

    Thanks Kevin…

  • Anjolie Lanel

    Great set! You certainly know how to get the most out of that 28mm!

  • Isaiah

    Thanks for the great photos! I just came back from Tokyo, looking at your photos is reminding me of the trip I enjoyed a lot..

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  • Ricky

    Interesting to see you work in the Mori Tower, I spent about an hour on the roof of there on a recent trip to Tokyo at sunset. It has some great views of the Tokyo area.

    First time I’ve commented but your blog was a great source of inspiration on my Tokyo trip and it got me interested in street photography so I’d like to say thanks and keep up the good work!

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  • Dominic

    Beautiful work. Kodak T-Max 400 has recently become my goto B&W film. Looks spectacular pushed to 1600 ISO as well.

    Thanks for sharing your work.

  • Dave

    Thanks Dominic. I haven’t tried pushing to 1600 before. Are you typically doing that with TMAX 400?

  • James

    Absolutely beautiful.

  • Dominic

    Hi Dave,

    I was pushing to 1600 with Fuji Neopan before. But the results with TMax are much nicer. Now with the winter months here, the day’s being shorter and gloomier, I am pushing to 1600 more frequently. Allows me to maintain 1/125 or higher at f/8 during the day and a 1/30 at f/2.8 during the night.

    Some examples pushed to 1600:


  • Dave

    Great. Thanks for sharing. Nice blog by the way… I spent a while looking at it last night.

  • Dominic

    Thanks Dave! I’m glad you liked it.

  • John

    Do you have a Leica?

  • Dave

    Yes, for film I shoot a Leica M6J.

  • Aws

    Hi Dave, Great photos!
    I’ve started to experiment with film, and was wondering why some photos like
    turn out hazy, but in focus (as if there’s a layer between you and the image), whereas others are sharp like


  • Dave

    Aws – The first two images were shot through windows (that were not very clean) and the last one was shot outside.

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  • Hans ter Horst

    When I was in Tokyo, I ended up buying T-Max 400 as well as it was cheap at Bic Camera and easily pushed to EI 1600.

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