I have been enjoying the new aspect of my photography: shooting film.    One reason I love photography is there is so much to learn and it is truly a life long hobby.   You can learn the bascis of exposure: ISO, Aperture, and Shutter Speed pretty quickly with a little focus and practice.  You can spend years learning composition, digital working flow, printing, color management, and learning how to ‘see’ through your camera’s lens.

Shooting film is the current stream I am going down.  I am learning different ways I can get better results scanning my negatives.  I don’t think I will learn to develop myself as I don’t have the space at home or the desire to print a lot of images.  I am happy scanning them and sharing them with all of you here online.  I just got my custom film holders from Better Scanning which is suppose to hold the negative much flatter and give you a better scan.  I am learning which tools to use to keep dust and spots off of the negatives as I prep them to scan.  I am learning to read light much better now.

One thing I really enjoy is getting a roll of film back and looking forward to what I ‘find’.   I am shooting a roll of film over a couple of weeks so I don’t always remember what I shot so love the ‘surprises’.

Jiyugaoka Station

I am loving the look and colors I am getting with film.

Dave's Audi A5

In the rain

Me on location in Cambodia last week…

Dave on location in Cambodia


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I am not as disciplined with my workflow with Film as I am with Digital.  I always swap memory cards after I shoot around 100 images or so.  I backup my MacBook after putting new images on it before deleting them from my memory card.  I have NOW learned that it is best to immediately rewind my film when I complete shooting the roll.

Dave melting...

The other thing I learned, which I was wondering, was “what happened if I opened the camera before rewinding my film?”.  It turns out that not all images are noisy.   The images on the outside will be more over exposed while the images on the inside will become more noisy the longer it is exposed to light.   A lot of the images are still OK.  The image below, shot by Mrs Shoot Tokyo, it still a ‘keeper’.   You can see the white grain from being exposed but it is still a great photo to me especially as it was shot by my wife.

Dave on the street

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