ShootTokyo 2011: My year in photography

ShootTokyo 2011:  My year in photography

Like most photographers I like to review my photography at the end of the year to see how I have progressed as a photographer, what worked, what didn’t and what I can improve on.   Grab a coffee, tea, or glass of wine.  Sit back and enjoy the musical stylings of Ronald Jenkees and my year in photography…

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  1. great slide show!

  2. What a Great way to end the year and bring in the New Year, Thanks for ALL the Blogs, images and Tee Shirts. I’m Looking forward to 2012 your street images. Happy New Year.

  3. Nice job Dave! There were many photos in the video that I had not seen before. The photography has really come along in the last year. Happy Birthday!

  4. Great slideshow! Thanks for a year of wonderful photos.

  5. SUPER job on your 2011 photographs!! Love the music…

  6. Happy Birthday to you Dave…

  7. Thanks GS, Arefti, Moe, Mark, Joan and Jim…

  8. Hi Dave, happy birthday! I have enjoyed visiting your blog, looking at your beautiful photography, and reading your comments for almost a year. Thank you, I am looking toward to the new year with more amazing photography. Take care!

  9. Thanks Katira. Glad you have enjoyed ShootTokyo! I am looking forward to next year as well.

  10. Just a terrific job on the slideshow. I so enjoyed the slow version. Oops! I just gave away my vote.I was able to take a better look at your great photos, many I hadn’t seen before. It really made me realize again, just what a talented photographer you are. Happy Birthday, Dave and have a healthy and Happy New Year!!

  11. Well done Dave. You’ve been busy – some excellent shots in there. Happy New Year.

  12. Hi Dave, This is a great website and thanks for sharing your amazing work!! I have learnt so much today and probably will keep coming back to it everyday!

    Wish you another year of capturing amazing pics!


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