My year in photography

My year in photography

A lot of people seemed to enjoy my ShootTokyo 2011 video so I decided to make another for 2012.    This has been a very busy year for me with a job change mid year.   I grew a love for film photography this year and continued to shoot and capture memories.

This year’s travels brought me from Tokyo to Hong Kong to Beijing to Singapore to Phnom Penh to Singapore to Phnom Penh to Hong Kong to Boston to San Francisco to Sydney to Singapore to San Francisco to Las Vegas and Sydney.   Believe it or not this was actually a slow year for travel for me.

I have enjoyed my travels, the places I have seen and the people I have met.   Grab a glass of wine and enjoy my year in photography 2012 with the music stylings of Ronald Jenkees.

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Thanks for stopping by today…


  • Mark

    Nice video Dave!

  • Dave

    Thanks Mark!

  • Julian

    Great Dave, I started watching it to notice it was over an hour long! Although started and stopped a couple of times is pretty cool and well worth taking time to watch. Imagine it took far longer to compile however and trust that 2013 will bring even more adventures.
    Happy New Year, a few hours in advance.

  • Dave

    Thanks for watching Julian! I was surprised how long it was when I finished. Happy New Year!

  • Millad

    Hi Dave,
    just a quick one since friends keep pushing me to go out to celebrate. I watched some parts, like always the world is an interesting place through your lens and sight :)
    just wanted to say well done, happy new year and wish you the best in the coming year

  • Wayne

    Your work mesmerizes me, so much so that you have inspired me to learn street photography by buying a camera and starting a 52 week blog as a way of improving.

    I hope 2013 is a good year for you, your family and all your followers.


  • Dave

    Thanks Millad – Very kind of you to say. Happy New Year.

    Thanks Mayne -Good luck with your 52 Week project. You will find yourself a different photographer on the other side.

  • Helena

    Great Photos a Fantastic journey. Thank You And Happy New Year!

  • Dave

    Thanks Helena… Happy New Year!

  • Arefti

    Thanks for the great photos, Dave. I really admire your dedication in pursuing your craft, always challenging yourself to try new things, learning more, doing more. Your results speak for themselves. You’re a real inspiration.

  • Jack

    Enjoy your photos a great deal. Keep it up in 2013.

  • Dave

    Thanks Jack…

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