I have been trying to make sure that ShootTokyo is as accessible as possible from as many platforms as possible.    I was happy to see I now get more than 25% of my traffic from mobile devices such as iPhone, iPads, Tablets and Android devices.   Hopefully you are enjoying reading ShootTokyo on the go!

You can now read ShootTokyo on one of the most popular applications on iTunes; Flipboard.   Flipboard allows you to browse content on your iPhone or iPad in fullscreen mode, ‘flipping’ from one story to the next vs. clicking from link to link.   With Flipboard you can create a personalized social magazine populated with content from your Facebook, Twitter, in addition to a host of recommended sources such as The Guardian, The Economist, ABC News and many more.    Flipboard is now featuring ShootTokyo in their ‘Local’ section.  Welcome to the new readers from Flipboard!

ShootTokyo on Flipboard

Flipboard has a very slick interface for consuming content on the go.

ShootTokyo on FlipboardYou can click into specific posts and ‘flip’ through them and share with your friends…
ShootTokyo on Flipboard

You can also read ShootTokyo on Google Currents.   You can find me under the ‘Design’ section or by clicking HERE.

ShootTokyo on Google Currents

I have also optimized ShootTokyo for iPhones, iPads and Andriod devices.

ShootTokyo Mobile AppYou can also have ShootTokyo delivered directly to your inbox or RSS reader by subscribing HERE.    However you reach ShootTokyo I hope you enjoy reading it as much as I enjoy making it.

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