Sushi, Cameras and More Cameras

Sushi, Cameras and More Cameras

I had a great sushi lunch this afternoon.   I spent most of it trying to capture my chef at f/1.  This guy was so fast…   Sushi is the best lunch for me.  I feel very satisfied after but I don’t feel full.  The best way to feel after a meal.

Sushi in Shibuya

I headed over to the International Camera Fair above Shibuya Station this evening to see what they had to offer… a dangerous place for me especially as my passion for film is taking off.

International Camera Fair in Tokyo

“Hug Everyone”?   Interesting motto for a Camera Fair…

International Camera Fair in Tokyo

This place is a hot bed of rare and expensive cameras…

International Camera Fair in Tokyo

International Camera Fair in Tokyo

A black paint Leica M2…  $25,000 USD.

Leica M2 with Black Paint

A Leica M6-J…mint condition

Leica M6-J

A Leica M6TTL Japan Edition.  Limited to 400 pieces… they had two more still in the shrink wrapped box.  I am actually considering picking one up and holding onto it.   It will only increase in value.

Leica M6 TTL Japan Edition

A Stereo Camera… $38,500 USD.

International Camera Fair in Tokyo

…and cabinet after cabinet of beautiful cameras.

International Camera Fair in Tokyo International Camera Fair in Tokyo

Why get one when you can get two?

International Camera Fair in Tokyo

Now logic and common sense would suggest that you quickly pass through and admire the cameras and then head to Starbucks for a coffee to sit and think about all of the beautiful cameras you just saw.  What you shouldn’t do is go back for a second look…

Ah…the Leica M6-J.

To celebrate 40 years of Leica M production, Leica released this limited edition M6-Jahre, or Jubilee.   Limited to 1640 cameras.  40 cameras for each year of the 40 years of production.  It is a Leica M6 but styled with the traditional craftsmanship and machining of the Leica M3.   It has the clean look of the M3 but also has TTL metering, motor drive connection, and an M4 style rewind crank, 35m framelines and a M6 style battery chamber.  It also comes with its own special 50/2.8 collapsible Elmar.  Its classic and updated at the same time giving you the esthetic styling of the Leica M3 with the updated convient handling of a M6.

I am enjoying shooting film with my M3 but…I am getting tired of carrying an external lightmeter, using a external viewfinder when I want to shoot 35mm and 28mm.    I find myself shooting 50mm most of the time and the Noctilux weights a ton.

Leica M6-J

It became pretty easy to justify this to myself… I negotiated hard, left and went back several times and even threw in some ShootTokyo buttons to sweeten the deal.  (I’m pretty sure that is what put him over the line)

Leica M6-J International Camera Fair in Tokyo

This camera is beautiful…I can’t believe its ‘used’…as it is spotless.  I think it spent most of its life in the display box it comes with.  I plan to shoot it a lot.  I am heading out shooting tomorrow night and plan on breaking it in with a few rolls.  Look for some images coming later in the week.

Leica M6J Leica M6J Leica M6J

This lens is sweet!  I now have the biggest (Noctilux) and smallest 50mm from Leica…

Leica M6J Leica M6J
There is a few more days left for the Camera Fair so if you are in Tokyo…check it out.   Thanks for stopping by today!


  • LongnoseRob

    A lovely camera you got there Dave!
    I excactly knew why I did not go to the camera show this time..

  • Bishop

    A beautiful camera…not sure that I could resist it myself. Look forward to seeing your results.

  • Leighton Smith

    What a wonderful find, Dave! It appears your method of logic prior to an acquisition is similar to mine! Congratulations and I look forward to seeing some photographs from the M6J.

  • Tim A.

    Ahhh. Nice find! I left Japan on Saturday so I was planning on going there on Friday to see if I can find a good Rolleiflex but lucky for me, my favorite little analog camera store in Kawasaki (SX-70 Forever) just got a 3.5F in stock at a price that no vendor at the show could meet on Thursday. So I used that as an excuse to stay away so I won’t drop anymore cash to help the Japanese economy :) Last time I was there it was so crowded and hot that I could barely concentrate…looks like it wasn’t that bad when you were there. Good to hear you are enjoying film! Have fun with the new M-6J!! The Japanese collectors like to keep the cameras behind glass. But I think they are happier when they are used 😀

  • Tom

    Great purchase. A few weeks ago I went for a hands on with the Leica M-Monochrom. It was nice but I fell in love with a M6 Chrome. For me the only thing nicer would be the M6-J w/50mm 2.8. Good catch, I know you are going to love it. I also got to play around with the Noctilux and have to agree with you. It is a monster.

  • georg

    You lucky guy. Really a beauty …

  • Tony

    I enjoy your enthusiasm for leica film. What is the little leaver ‘R’ on the front?

  • Dave

    Thanks Rob – It was dangerous place to go…I’m lucky I got out only this harmed.

    Thanks Bishop and Leighton!

    Congratulations on your new camera Tim! The fair can be crazy but I usually hit it on Sunday Night and it is pretty mellow.

  • Dave

    Tom – So are you going to get a M6? Shooting with a Leica Film camera feels pretty amazing.

    Tony – The R leaver you flip when you are ready to rewind the film.

  • Jen Xi

    Enjoy the camera, Dave. Great investment there. Good thing there isn’t such temptation in Singapore. I have a pretty vulnerable weak spot for cameras too.

  • jlaw

    wow…beautiful M6J, congratulation

  • Kevin

    Must be great to visit such a Fair, seeing all those amazing cameras. You picked up a nice one there! Looking forward to your photos, made with your new Leica.

    Great and interesting post.

  • Nathan

    Mr Powell,
    that’s a SWEEET looking m6. Can you ping me how much it cost please?

  • Georg

    thats a NICE looking camera – sadly I think one of those is always going to be slightly out of my price range. From your pictures the fair didnt seem too busy? ive seen pictures with it being pretty packed.

  • Carlos Ferreira

    And another one bites the dust! I have recently taken to asking my other half to hold my wallet when we visit camera shops – the problem is, she will buy them quicker than I do…

    It’s a great looking thing and I hope you enjoy it, but I hope you’re planning on holding on to the M3 as well. Think of it as investment, etc…

  • Dave

    Jen – Its like dancing with the devil when you walk into that place…

  • Dave

    Nathan – I’ll drop you a mail with the details. There is another there if you want it…

  • Dave

    The fair is packed. I just went on Sunday evening right before closing. I stopped back yesterday to buy some filters and it was packed.

  • Dave

    Carolos – I traded it in to help offset the cost of the new camera. I can get them so easily in Tokyo again if I want to.

  • Joanlvh

    I luv seeing the pictures, is the fair an anual event?

  • Dave

    You can catch us some other time. I’ll be hosting a photowalk in July sometime so hopefully you can come along… Congratulations on your new camera!

  • Dave

    Yes Joanlvh… yearly. I think I need an annual savings plan.

  • Imene

    Walking in there would be like asking an addict to stroll in a store full of drugs and expect him to walk empty handed. I would have found a gazillion excuses to walk out of there with a camera or two ;0)
    Until I get a chance to visit I will live vicariously thanks to you.

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  • Shaka

    i envy you

  • DamenS

    What a beautiful camera, Dave !! I actually think it looks a little nicer than the M3. I’m not sure if I could afford one, but do you mind letting me know which store has them still available ? I’ve seen a few on ebay for about $8,000 and am not sure if that is a reasonable price to pay or not.

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  • Benjamin Soto

    Great little article Dave. That’s a great camera you’ve got there and a wonderful lens. I’ve got a Elmar-M 50mm on my Black M6 also. They’re a wonderful pair.

  • Dave

    Thanks Benjamin. I was surprised what a great combo it really is. I like it so much more than I expected.

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  • Paul

    Dave, I really enjoy your articles and photos of Tokyo (one of my all time favorites cities). It was because of you that I got the 35 FLE a couple of months ago and now, a M6-J. I am not a gearhead by any means, but I couldn’t overcome the urge to buy after reading your reviews. I want to say “keep up the good work”, but I’m afraid I’ll go broke. Thanks.


  • Dave

    Paul… Sorry to make you broke but I think you must be very happy. Especially with the M6-J. I love that camera.

  • David Bell

    Some seriously gorgeous cameras there…

  • Dave

    Thanks David! The cameras at these shows are amazing…

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  • Thorsten Overgaard

    That M6J is really really nice. I was searching for the price after I saw it in the 80th anniversary Leica LFI 6/94

    They made 1640 copies to celebrate teh 80th anniversary of Leica Camera, 40th anniversary of Leica M and the 10th anniversary of Leica M6

  • Dave

    Thorsten – I really like it. It has a great look and feel plus a lightmeter! You can find them on eBay but they seem to be getting really expensive lately. I think almost 150% of what I paid for mine just a few months ago.

  • Rachel Socially


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