Sydney Photowalk

Sydney Photowalk

I will be in Sydney Australia this week and I will be hosting a photowalk on Saturday July 7th at 2PM.  If you haven’t been on a photowalk before it is a great opportunity to get out and socialize with like minded people.    If you an experienced photographer you can share what you know.  If you are just learning, then there will be lots of people to learn from.   Photographers of all levels are welcome.

When: Saturday, July 7th, 2012

Time: 2 PM

Where:  We will meet on the steps of the Opera House.  We will walk around the Harbor (Harbour for the locals) and Opera House.   We explore the markets in the Rocks and then wander over the bridge to Kirribilli and Luna Park.  We will finish up with a bite to eat and a few beers for those that want to stay.

Gear: Pack whatever you are comfortable shooting with. Remember, the more gear you carry the less photographs you actually take. We will be walking so don’t pack too heavy. I’ll be shooting my Leica M9-P with a couple of lenses.

If you are interested in joining please leave a comment below so I have your email address as I will be sending out some email updates as we get closer.   If you are bringing people, please make sure to mention how many.

I recently held a photowalk in San Francisco with a great turn out.   You can check out past photowalks of mine in TokyoBeijingSingaporeHong Kong and two in Boston last year and this year.

 Below is a beautiful shot of Sydney Harbor shot by Mark Keelan.

Sydney Photowalk

I hope to see you there.  Thanks for stopping by today…


  • Dominic

    Fantastic news! I’ll also be in Sydney that weekend, so I will definitely join the party.

  • Scott Kim

    Hi Dave,

    I have been following your blog for some time and it’s really glad you will make a trip down here. I would love to participate in the photowalk.

    Looking forward to see you!


  • Carmen

    Hi Dave,
    I’ve been longing this photowalk for a long time, as I’m a local in Sydney. So Yay! You’re coming!

  • Keong

    Hi Dave

    Sounds like fun. Looking forwards to it.


  • Alina Dorada-Krawczyk

    Thank you for the invitation but I live too far away jet. Congratulations to the idea

  • Jing

    Hi Dave,

    I have been wanting to meet you for a long time after following your blog. Such a shame im not in sydney this weekend. I hope to meet you some time in the future on one of your famous photo walks!!

    p.s. you posted that you bought a d3s but there doesn’t seem to be much on the blog about it. did you give up on the camera?

  • Myles

    I’m in! See you on Saturday! :)


  • Kevin Lynch


    SF was great! I wish I could join you in Sydney. It’s a great city to shoot!


  • Kevin

    Hi Dave,

    Welcome to Sydney and I would like to join you on the walk. If you have no plans in the evening, you may want to catch a 10 minute ferry ride from Luna Park to King St Wharf for some dinner and then walk over to Darling Harbour for fireworks.

    Looking forward to meet you.


  • Dave

    Kevin – Thanks for the tip. We’ll end up somewhere after the walk for a bite to eat and a drink.

  • Dave

    See you on Saturday Myles.

  • Dave

    Jing – I use the D3S but only for family photos (which I don’t post here) so don’t cover it much here. Mostly only my Leica shots on here.

  • Mark Keelan

    Hi Dave

    Count me and my wife, Marlene in, looking forward to it. Hopefully the weather is kind to us.


  • Rob

    I’m a long time point’n’shooter needing to justify why I have both a film and digital camera…mid life crisis, couldn’t afford the Porsche, went with the 2 camera’s instead…

    mind, body and weather permitting, count me in..Rob

  • Chi

    Hi Dave,

    I’m new to photography, came across your website by chance. Inspirational work. Would love to join the group on Saturday.



  • Donna

    Hi Dave,

    The photowalk sounds great. I will be there.


  • Dave

    Great see you then Donna…

  • Peter B

    Sounds great – will be there – possibly with 1 or 2 others with me weather permitting.

    Drop me a mail with the details.

  • Jingwen

    Am I able to join at 4pm somewhere …?

  • BJ Del Rosario

    Great job as usual Dave. I wish I could have gone 😀

  • Dominic

    Hi Dave, I hope it’s not too late to mention my that mum would like to come as well. She’s new to photography and very keen to join us all on the walk. The weather’s looking good. See you soon!

  • Dave

    No Worries Dominic…all is welcome.

  • Dave

    Jingwen – Not sure where we will be at 4PM but you can find us along the route…

  • Dave

    Peter – We will be starting at the Oprah House steps at 2PM. See you then.

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