I added the Leica M Monochrom and Summicron 50mm f/2.0 to my collection.   I was on the fence for a while if I was going to get this camera or not which is easy to do when there is a waiting list months long.  I got a call on Friday that one was available if I wanted it and I instantly knew I did.

It is such an interesting camera and the amazing ISO capability is fascinating and will open an entire new world of Leica photography for me.

Leica M Monochrom and Summicron 50mm f/2.0

I haven’t done any processing so the images are exactly what you see out of the camera.  The one thing I noticed right away is how much sharper the images are.

Construction in Jiyugaoka

Motorcycle in Tokyo

I love how politely Popeye Camera says ‘we are closed’…by pulling down the door and then blocking with with nice plants, a bird house, a nice chair and a cute little bench.    While they are still closed…it is somehow welcoming…

Popeye Camera in Jiyugaoka

Taxi in Jiyugaoka

The one thing with the ISO in this camera gives you is the ability to stop down and have much faster shutter speeds.

Jiyugaoka Station

I took the train to Yutenji

Jiyugaoka Station

Well I actually took the ‘Express’ and missed Yutenji all together and ended up in Nakameguro

Question: Haven’t I been living long enough in Japan to not do stupid things like this?

Nakameguro Station

Easy, I just hopped the train in the other direction to go back one stop…except I took the ‘Limited Express’ and skipped the stop again.

Answer:  Apparently not!

Gakugedaigaku Station

Finally made it to Yutenji

Me in the mirror‘ Monochrom style…

Me in the mirror

Bike parking in Tokyo

Bike parking in Tokyo


Sake bottles

A delivery truck in Yutenji, Tokyo, Japan

Some weird Curry Rice Train place…

Curry Rice

KFC coming to a Christmas near you

KFC Delivery

A passing train…

A passing train

On the train

Tippy Top in Jiyugaoka

On the train

Shibuya Station



I ran out to MAP Camera to pick up a few accessories for my Monochrom… including a Yellow Filter.

Map Camera


Map Camera

Yodobashi Camera

The chaos that is Shinjuku Station…

Shinjuku Station

Shinjuku Station

Shinjuku Station

Shinjuku Station

Shibuya Station

Shibuya Book Store

Don’t touch my ball…


I am so excited by the possibilities with this camera…

Popeye Camera in Jiyugaoka

Believe it or not but Christmas is full commercial bloom here in Tokyo… Starbucks is blaring ‘Jingle Bells’ already!

Starbucks at Christmas in Tokyo

Thanks for stopping by today… I am off to Vegas for a few days of work in the AM so get ready to see Sin City in monochrom!