The Ricoh GR IV Digital

The Ricoh GR IV Digital

I have been wanting a point and shoot since I sold my Fuji Film x100.   Too often I see a cool camera or something neat I want to share.   My Leica often just isn’t the right tool.

Ricoh GR IV Digital

I was happy when I picked up the camera this morning that the battery had a partial charge so I could shoot it a bit while I was running some errands.  The camera is tiny so I can easily slip it into my pocket or a camera bag…

On the train

Shinjuku Station

I love the colors this camera can produce…

Shinjuku Station

On the train

Shinjuku Station

While I was out I also picked up a camera for my 6 year old (at his request)!   I was cleaning up around my home office the past few days and found tons of points cards from Yodobashi-san and Bic Camera.  In Japan many of the stores, especially electronic stores, have point cards where you might get 10% or 15% back as points you can use on your next purchase.  For example, if you buy a $1,000 lens, you might get $150 in points that you can use starting the following day. You collects lots of these living in Japan and it is very easy to lose track of them.    I was able to get a lot off of my camera and his with points.

Yodobashi Camera

Yodobashi Camera

More homeless cones…


Check out those knee pads…

Motorcycle Man

I stopped off to pick up a new home phone… after listening to an exhaustive explanation of all of options and the clerk triple confirming exactly what I wanted, when I was thinking of buying…

Japanese Telephone

…he let me know that ‘hot pink’ was the only color they had.   Sometimes I wish people could just deliver bad news up front in Japan rather than dancing around it for 15 minutes.  You don’t have it.  I get it.  I’ll walk across the street and pick it up…

Japanese Telephone

Check out the GR’s macro capability on my jeans…


Me too…

I love coffee


I stopped off quickly for a small bite of sushi… the perfect meal when you don’t want to be full.

Himawari Sushi

Himawari Sushi

Himawari Sushi

Himawari Sushi

Himawari Sushi

Negitoromaki…my favorite.  Double please.

Himawari Sushi

I also stopped off at the Nikon Salon in Shinjuku…

Shinjuku from above

Shinjuku from above

Shinjuku from above

I am thinking of applying to do an exhibition there…  I am working on a coffee table photography book this year and figured it would be nice to do a showing around the same time.

If I did a exhibition would you come?

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Nikon Salon in Shinjuku

Thanks for stopping by today…



  1. Nice catch! I think GR4 is much more than a P&S camera :)

  2. Probably Joe… it will be a point and shoot for me.

  3. I used GR3 before . GR4 is also one of the best compact cameras!

  4. I am very excited about the prospects of a coffee table photography book from you.

  5. That’s very motivational to hear Kristian… I have been sorting through my library for the past few months selecting images for it. Let me know if you have any favorites that you think should be included.

  6. Let me get back to you on that, there sure are many pictures I love but I need to go back and review them. It is some task you have given yourself editing your work for this project. Do you have a special theme in mind for the book?

  7. Hi Dave,
    Very interested to hear about this camera as I was going to get one to compliment my GXR plus I am also a former X100 user.

    Do you find the quality of the images up to the standard of the X100? Are the shots posted here OOC jpegs or from RAW?

    Thanks – love the site! ^^

  8. An * to my vote. If I lived or was visiting Tokyo, I would certainly come to your show. Drinks? Real German Beer.

  9. I’ll be interested to know how the GRD4 compares to the X100 in terms of image quality. I have the X100 and the GRD3. The GRD3 is great in good lighting but the drawbacks of having a small sensor starts to show up when there is a lack of light.

    At high ISO, the X100 performs better than the GRD3. That’s expected since it has a larger sensor. But I love the GRD3 for the ergonomics and compactness. It’s just a wonderfully crafted camera that sits comfortably in the hand in use. I’m curious how much improvement there is in the GRD4 sensor.

    I was choosing between the X100 and M6 and went for the former. Haven’t regretted making that choice but I’ll still love to own a Leica one of these days.

  10. Jen – I’ll take some night shots and let you know. I immediately noticed a difference in shooting in restaurants at night compared to my x100. There is no’searching’ while trying to focus. I hope you get a Leica one day… it changed my photography forever.

  11. Dave, that’s really interesting. I find the X100 and GRD3 on par when focussing in low light. I guess the new phase detection AF is as fast as Ricoh claims.

  12. I am curious to know why you decided to sell your x100. What advantages do you feel the GR4 has over it?

  13. Hi there, I also would love to know why you got rid of your X100??????

    Literally minutes ago, I bought my Ricoh GRD IV but it will take a few days to arrive via Amazon.

    It was a toss up between the GR4 & the X100.

    I went for size & cost & figured I would get a x1Pro as it has so much more than x100. So time to start saving!


  14. I liked my x100 but there was more hype than content in my opinion. The Ricoh is half the price and takes just as good images in my mind. It isn’t my primary camera so I use my Leica when I want the best anyways. I found the slow focus (or actually when it couldn’t focus in the dark) very frustrating. It is a little too big. The GR4 is perfect in my mind in terms of size for what I wanted.

  15. Hate to resurrect an old thread but I’m at wits end trying to convince myself to pay 500 USD for a 3 year old GRD IV.

    Not sure what else i should be comparing this little gem to as it caught my eye since the day it was made. I’m not in the market to buy a Leica either…

    So in 2012, knowing how Ricoh is yet to release a predecessor and with what else is on the market – is there something as good as the GRD IV? I’m looking in the pocketable, fast, super-street photography category. I’m traveling to India next month and want to leave my SLR at home to really fit in and capture some candid, non-staged, non-influenced shots.

    Any suggestions?

  16. Amit – I love my Ricoh. I really enjoy it. $500 isn’t too much. Get it.

  17. Amit – I love my Ricoh GR IV. I would suggest you get it, or a Leica.

  18. Get the Ricoh GR IV. Don’t get caught up in its age of sensor or whatever. If you want to be a gear hound then it’s not for you anyway. If you want a street camera that works, there is nothing to compare it to. The GR is king in this area. Show me any other camera (other than maybe the M9) where you can simply push the shutter button and have the camera not only react instantly and take the picture but also have it in sharp focus. I’d pay twice the price for this camera. In fact, I have several of them; they’re that good!

  19. Nice set of pictures from the GRD4 – just got mine and like the way it’s so easy to manually set the focus distance so there is no shutter lag.

  20. I wonder if I could work / live without a zoom (I have a credit card size Samsung with 3x Zoom and that’s not enough)

  21. Steffen – I can. I don’t shoot zooms.

  22. Dear Dave,

    but what if you can not get close enough to snap a good picture? A fixed lens leaves you with not much on this, or?

    Kind regards


  23. Steffen – …or you just take a few steps forward. Have a look around my site. I don’t own a zoom lens and think I am able to take pretty good photos.

  24. Those are some fine photos, Dave. I owned the original GRD, sold it, regretted it, then replaced it with a III. My wife loves it, too. Those who own a GRD, “get it.”

    I like your recent Portra shots with the F3. I’m going to need to buy a few rolls to try out for myself, as I’ve been using Ektar or Fuji Pro–almost garish emulsions in comparison. Scanning is my big problem: I used to own the BS MF holders and both ANR inserts, but after selling a bunch of stuff a while back, I’m now resorting to taping down film strips with masking tape, which is an arduous and vexing half-assed “solution.” I need to get an insert . . .

    Keep up the excellent work!

  25. Alan – Thanks! I like my GRD. Small compact and takes great shots. Glad you are enjoying my Portra shots with my F3. I am enjoying that camera a lot. I would highly recommend getting the Better Scanning plate again. They make a huge difference.


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