Tokyo Photo

Tokyo Photo

I was out with my wife this afternoon on our Sunday afternoon date and we stopped by the Tokyo Photo Show at Tokyo Midtown in Roppongi.   I don’t go to these nearly enough so I was glad I had a chance to spend some time at the show.   In one of my goals of becoming a student of photography I want to do this more…

Tokyo Photo

Tokyo Photo

The show is going on for one more day… There are some amazing photos and well worth the trip if you can get there.

Tokyo Photo

I thought this image was excellent…

Tokyo Photo

Tokyo Photo

I was turning a corner when I heard ‘Dave’.   This nice women stopped to me to let me know she is a regular reader of ShootTokyo.    I love when people do that.   I spent a ton of time on ShootTokyo but it can get ‘lonely’ on this side of the blog.   Even though I have 10s of 1,000s of subscribers and readers I only get a 10 or 20 comments per post.   Often I find myself second guessing the numbers.   Are people really reading this?   Hello-o-o-o-o

Thanks for stopping me to say ‘Hi’ Kathleen…it was nice to meet you.

Tokyo Photo

Tokyo Photo

Tokyo Photo

I love viewing these shows as it helps me to see what I like and don’t like.   So does trying different types of gear…

I have decided to sell my Nikon D3S, Nikon 24-70mm f/2.8, and  Nikon 105mm Macro.    I never use them and honestly I am constantly confused by all of the features.   I just don’t need them for my style of photography.  I am much happier shooting manually with my Leica M6-J or in Aperture Priority with my Leica M9-P.    If you are Tokyo based and serious interested, drop me an email.

So what should I get when I sell them?

I have been thinking about the beautiful Leica M Monochrom.   They are starting to take orders and this could be a very nice addition to my Leica collection.   It is different to what I already have and the high ISO is very attractive.   I saw the recent announcement on the Leica M but honestly I think I will wait until the “P” version comes out.   I am pretty happy with my Leica M9-P and I don’t see anything that makes me want to jump at it.   I really don’t like how some of the buttons on the back are silver.  It just seems like an odd design choice given how clean Leica design is.

Tokyo Photo

I was fascinated by this photo…

Tokyo Photo


Tokyo Photo

Tokyo Photo

We got home as soon as the typhoon that is hitting Tokyo tonight began to roll in.  Thanks for stopping by today…


  • Marcus

    People do read your blog. I can assure you! :)

    Very nice read, keep on posting :)

  • Ben Beech

    I will stop by there tomorrow, I had to postpone going yesterday due to sickness and today because of the typhoon! Can’t wait to spend the afternoon there tomorrow, I bet there is lots of inspiration… Thanks for posting!

  • WEC

    We’re dumbstruck by the beauty of your photos… :)

    That reminds of a friend who recently did a small exercise on FB in the same context. She asked for her audience to drop a line on how they knew her and collected thousands of replies.

  • Danny Touw

    nice shots, always interesting to see photographs of art exhibitions, especially like the opening shot, but the others are great as well. and acknowledge the feeling if people are actually reading! one way to make it easier is to implement a ‘like’ button. cheers! and keep posting!

  • Moe

    Hi Dave, I always check your blog and always love your photos. I’m one of those individiuals who doesn’t leave a comment very often. I honestly don’t know why that is…I recently was awe struck with those pics from San Francisco. I did think you must have a ‘cool’ Mom if she use to drive a mustang convertible. The boy with the trumpet was truly amazing, he has a natural born talent and a smile to match. Your museum photographs were top quality as usual. Know I’m watching even if I’m not commenting…

  • Suffian

    dont worry dave, we do read your blog and enjoy it tremendously.

    images of the japanese culture from your lens are just brilliant and have made the most of us envious of creamyness from your leica’s..

  • Kate

    I always read your blog posts because I love photos of Japan. Also, it makes me remember my trip there back in 2006. I’d love to go back there someday and take more photos (with a better camera than last time) but I want to head back to England first.

    We don’t always comment on the blogs, but we read them :)

  • Frank Stelzer

    Hi Dave,
    I am one of your anonymous readers and enjoy every article. May be I see you shooting another mirror when I’ll visit Tokyo soon 😉 Then I will certainly say “Hello Dave”.
    Good luck with the typhoon.
    Cheers, Frank

  • Nathan

    Hey Dave,

    I was thinking the same…to MM or not to MM…
    like you, I’m also quite happy with my film b&w look, but…the high ISO is nice…and arm it with a nocti would be a weapon of my choice any day…

    Frank – good to see you here…

  • Ánderson Godoy Salguero

    Hey Dave,

    Just so that you won’t feel lonely I want to tell you that I read every single one of your posts.

    I am a ColOmbian studying in the Philippines and I’ve been following you maybe one or two months after you started posting. God bless you bro!

  • Mike

    Hi Dave,

    I’m another one of your anonymous readers who looks forward to each and every one of your posts. Keep up the great work!!


  • Rodrigo baez

    Great post and amazing photos you take, I live in Taiwan, and I’m thinking on doing something like your blog…. Shoot Taiwan… If that ok with you :).

    Can I ask something?…. I love rangefinder but since I’m only a student so far my budget only allow me to get the voigtlander Bessa r2m + voogtlander 35 1,4….

    Do you think is a good buy?

    Thanks for your photos and for your time :)! Keep going

  • James

    Hi Dave, great blog, great photos, thoroughly enjoying every read and remember; orbis terrarum est vobis.

  • Vivian

    Hi Dave,

    I’m another of your regular readers. I subscribe to your blog, and I read every post. I thoroughly enjoy your pictures. On New Years Day, you said you wanted to learn more about photography by seeing the photos of other photographers. Well, that goes for me, too, and so I learn about how to take good candid photos by looking at yours. I’ll try to comment more in the future, but, remember, I read all your posts.

  • Damon

    Maybe use the sale of your Nikon equipment to get a gift for your apparently understanding wife. Are you her greatest gift? Treasure her. After 46 years of marriage to my best friend, I can confidently say this is a great ambition.

  • Dave

    Damon – She is a very understanding wife… that is a good idea.

  • Dave

    That’s good to hear Vivian…

  • Dave

    Sorry Rodrigo…I already own I suggest you get what you can afford. You can always upgrade later in life.

  • Dave

    Nathan – Let’s keep discussing… I am on the fence but if I think about what else to get the MM is the best choice. The new M isn’t for me yet, at least not until I see an M-P version. The MM is the most impressive to me.

  • Dave

    Thanks Moe… Well my mom upgraded from a Mustang to an Audi TT so she is pretty hip.

  • MMS


    I am another quiet reader of your blog who greatly appreciates your fine work. Alas, I am a heavily burdened Nikon shooter in Manhattan, but really love what you do with your stable of Leicas. I vote in favor of you getting the Monochrom!

  • rod

    thanks dave …. keep going and keep taking photos!…. you have a really good vision and you put it here so we can see it…

  • Dave

    Thanks MMS. Lots of votes for the Monochrom it seems.

  • Katira

    Hi Dave,
    I have been a subscriber for about a year an a half and I check everyday for updates on your blog. Love your blog and your daily life captions on the photos.

  • Dave

    Thanks for reading Katira…

  • Otacílio Rodrigues

    I’m always here, Dave, quiet and anonymous…

  • Mike

    Dave, your blog has been a source of inspiration for me. I used to shoot strictly nature pictures mostly because I was uncomfortable taking pictures of people. Not only as your “Shoot Tokyo” site gotten me over my fear of people it’s also been the genesis for me starting my own photo blog. Keep up the good work!

  • Jen Xi

    You’ll be surprised by how many people read your blog. Most people read but don’t comment. I remember reading a report that says only 1 in 10 readers comment and out of those only 1 in 10 do so regularly.

  • Rhonda

    I love your photos and the stories behind the photos. Thank you for sharing Japan with me.

  • Dan Baker

    Been a regular lurker since the tsunami. Thanks for sharing your life with the internet!

  • Anthony

    Just dropping a note to let you know you got a fan in Las Vegas. Thoroughly enjoy shottokyo and see Asia through your lenses.

  • Dave

    Thanks Anthony…

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