Tokyo Downtown Camera Shops

Tokyo Downtown Camera Shops

I ran to my new favorite camera shop in Ueno a few weeks back.   As I have said many times…bring your camera with you everywhere you go and you never have to go out shooting.   There are interesting things in front of you if you just take the time to notice them.

Meguro Post Office

Ueno is one of those places that I just never seem to get to in Tokyo but I decided to run out and check out the camera shop who sold me the Leica M6J

Meguro Station

Meguro Station

The train to Ueno

Ueno Station


Chikuma… This little camera shop has EVERYTHING.

Chikuma Camera Shop

Chikuma Camera Shop

Shun-chan has kindly made a map of all of the Tokyo Downtown Camera Shops.  I was very excited to find this as now I have a lot of new neighborhoods and shops to explore.
Map of Camera Shops in downtown Tokyo


Chikuma Camera Shop

Leica produced many limited edition M6s and Chikuma seems to have many of them.  This one is the Leica M6 Platinum.  It was to mark the 150 years of photography as well as commemorating 75 years of Leica involvement in the photography.  It’s an M6 camera body with matching platinum-plated Summilux-M 1.4.  I don’t think this one attached is the original lens that came in this set.

Leica 75 Jahre

Leica 75 Jahre

A white Hasselblad… Japan seems to have a lot of limited edition white cameras.

White Hasselblad

A gold plated Rolleiflex…

Gold Rolleiflex

I am not even sure what this one is…but he was very excited to show me.

Camera Porn

This is a prototype (1 of 5) of a Rollei 35.

Rollei 35 Prototype

Rollei 35 Prototype

Rollei 35 Prototype

A beautiful Leica M2…

Leica M2

A Leica MJ6…

Leica M6J


I was able to escape with just a few snap shots and no $6,000 purchase.

Ueno Station

Ueno Station

Ueno Station

Ueno Station

I didn’t realize how far away it was.  I had to switch trains 3 times…

On the train


The most useful thing in Tokyo… my Suica Card.  I didn’t realize you can get one and register your name so if you lose it they can replace it and your remaining funds.

Train Pass for Tokyo

Train Station

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  1. Very interesting, so cute!

  2. Great map your friend drew!

  3. Ueno is usually my main hub when I visit Tokyo and I love exploring the station and the surrounding areas. I’ve taken some nice pics of the local shops and temples so you might want to walk around a bit and see what you can find.

  4. Nice images as always, but…

    is it me or has the image quality gone down since the new site refresh? Is it because they’re displayed bigger and you’re using the same export settings as when they were shown smaller? I understand if it’s because of not wanting to put out too-high quality images, but the jpeg compression is not only visible, but becoming distracting.

    Still love the blog, though. :)

  5. Dave, that map looks like a treasure, or maybe a treasure trove map!
    Happy browsing.

  6. Sucia card or Suica card?
    Sucia in spanish means dirty, lol

  7. I’m new to your blog and been following it ever since it’s mostly about Tokyo. I used to visit there a lot and it reminds me of a lot of good memories. Like the train passengers shots. Do you ever use flash on any of your street shots?

  8. Isaiah – I rarely use flash on the street. I will one day..

  9. …oops Suica.

  10. Gabriel – Which images are you seeing compression in? The images are being exported as the same size as the old size. The settings are the same and the images are exported at 240 DPI so you shouldn’t be seeing any compression.

  11. Thanks yet again for sharing, Dave!! It looks like you used the Leica 21mm lens for some of these?

  12. I love Ueno!
    I miss Japan >.<

  13. Hi Marc…yes I used the 21mm on many of them.

  14. Gabriel – I am viewing the images on a 27″ iMac screen here and the images look crystal clear.

    I had that issue as you with some websites when I was viewing them using a wireless connection such as 3G, which seemed to compress the images further on the way through – that may be what you are experiencing?

  15. Dave – in all of them :), but the one where it’s particularly visible is on the one with the suica card. the blacks and shadows are blocky.

    The compression seems to be gone in the new TEDx post. :/ weird if you used the same setting.

    Since you moderate comments, I’ll write another comment with a dropbox link to sample screengrabs, so you can see what I see compared to the new post.

    Jason – I’m on a 21inch iMac with a fat pipe plugged into it :)

  16. Gabriel – I am not sure. i have the same experience as Jason where the images are 100% clear. As other people aren’t getting the same issue I would think it might be browser settings or a plugin. Try viewing with a different browser and see if you still get the same issue.

  17. Love the photos of Ueno, I stayed there in June, takes me back cause I forgot to take a lot of photos of the area.

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